Adidas Golf

Adidas Golf

Adidas is a global corporation requiring little introduction. Over its 60-year history, the German brand has ingrained itself in popular culture, becoming one of the most well-known and recognisable sporting manufacturers in the world.

Adidas Golf provides highly specialised footwear and apparel for every conceivable condition.  Tour-tested by the world’s elite to raise performance, exceed potential and reach a higher level, Adidas Golf is advanced equipment for the competitive athlete.

At GolfOnline we carry an extensive and varied selection of the Adidas Golf range. From the brand’s classically infused Adidas Samba golf shoe to their superior collection of ClimaProof weather gear, designed to protect you and ensure your game remains stable no matter what the elements throw your way. Here you will find the apparel and accessories used by the pros like Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia, developed to improve performance and enhance comfort during crucial play.  If for any reason you cannot find an item on our website, contact us and we can order directly from Adidas (subject to availability).
Every golfer, even the best in the world, searches continuously for new, innovative ways to improve performance, be inspired, be driven, be successful and to ultimately be a better player.

Adidas Golf creates highly specialised footwear and apparel for every conceivable condition. Tour-tested by the worlds elite to raise performance, exceed potential and reach a higher level. Adidas Golf is advanced equipment for the competitive athlete. Engineered to help you in every aspect of the game.


Improves comfort and enhances performance by combining several different fabrics with different properties in a shaped garment. Formotion garments are designed to enhance athletes' movements.


Adidas ClimaCool design and fabrication technologies are also integrated to transport heat and moisture away from the body and provide ventilation in critical heat zones. ClimaCool apparel actively conducts heat and sweat away from the body through a combination of heat and moisture-dissipating materials, ventilation channels and three-dimensional fabrics that allow air to circulate close to the skin.


The ClimaProof technology is design to protect the golfers from all the natural elements. There are 4 categories of ClimaProof technology -  CLIMAPROOF storm, CLIMAPROOF rain, CLIMAPROOF wind, CLIMAPROOF wind-warm. Many of the ClimaProof garments are lightweight and softer garments which make them more comfortable to wear while playing.


This provides thermal protection to the body, maintaining and regulating the body’s temperature.

Techfit Powerweb

This has been designed to stabilise the core muscles during play and improve the posture through the contour design of the garments. This technology also contains the ClimaCool technology for better moisture management.

THERMAL ClimaCompression

Designed for muscle warmth and endurance the compression delivers increased support to the muscles.Through the reduced friction construction Adidas have allowed the golfer to move more freely while wearing the garment therefore it allows the body to maintain the heat.

Footwear Technology

  • Stability is a necessity for making a powerful, consistent and confident swing; you’ll get it from Adidas Golf’s rock-solid foundation technologies.
  • Adidas Golf specialises in technologies that eliminate power leaks and which promote more efficient management of energy. We’re experts at helping athletes gain greater speed, agility and leverage at ground level, which helps optimise load-force at the top of the swing, promotes increased speed through the impact zone and encourages a full and balanced follow-through and finish.
  • Adidas Golf advanced grip technologies deliver lock-down traction to keep your feet in place and promote balance, power and control.
  • Cold and wet? Hot and dry? Somewhere in between? Adidas Golf climate technologies are engineered to optimise comfort and performance in every conceivable on-course condition.
  • Adidas Golf comfort technologies were developed to cradle and support your feet, reducing fatigue during the hours you spend swinging and walking.Adidas Golf durability technologies protect key wear points on our shoes to help them perform longer and keep them looking great for the long run.


Adidas’ thin tech technology brings you closer to the ground, therefore improving stability and allowing for a more consistent strike.

360 Wrap

Provides tour calibre support by restricting the lateral mid sole movement of your feet therefore giving greater stability and comfort during and after your swing.

Torsion System

The torsion system provides ample flexibility for the feet allowing for more stability during the golf swing.


The GRIPzone promotes power and control by locking the foot in place, therefore allowing the feet and the shoes to become one.

Powerband Chassis

This ‘chassis’ is in the form of a platform at the front of the shoes which not only provides comfort to your feet but power as well.


This technology allows specific zones of your foot to move independently during the swing which helps with the balance and stability of your golf swing.


This allows maximum grip through strategically placed lugs which create a larger surface area and therefore minimising slipping on different surfaces.

THINtech Cleat

The cleat or spike now lets the golfer have their feet closer to the ground. These results in more power better balance and allow you to be even more stable during the swing.

Advanced Traxion Technology

The advanced Traxion technology incorporates a layer of extra grip on the sole of the shoe.


ClimaProof technology allows Adidas to make their shoes with a waterproof membrane which keeps any moisture out. There is also an inner membrane which wicks away any moisture created by the golfer.


This technology provides maximum ventilation to keep the foot dry and comfortable during your round of golf.


Adidas have inserted a polyurethane insert which acts as a mould in the shoe and shapes around the golfer’s foot to create a soft padding. This in turn makes the shoes extremely comfortable when walking on the course.


During your golf swing the heel of your foot can be exposed to injury over a repeated number of rounds. The adiPRENE technology shields your heel from impact by providing a cushion for your heel to rest in. Like the fitFOAM the shape of your heel is moulded to provide maximum protection.


The rubber that Adidas use on their shoes is a much harder wearing and durable material which allows for shoes to last much longer when when they pick up abrasions and other everyday wear and tear.


On many Adidas shoes this is the hard area found on the toe of the shoe.  This part of the shoe is the area most affected by on course play, namely when golfers finish their swings, be it in a bunker, or the rough or the fairway. The technology allows this area of the shoe to be abrasion resistant.

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