Odyssey is the Number 1 putter brand in the world and in 2013 were Number 1 at all four of the PGA Tour majors. Since creating its first mallet putter in 1991, the company has gone from strength to strength quickly picking up wins on Tour and expanding their lines to include products that exhibit the latest design technology available to the market today.

The brand’s major breakthrough came when Sir Nick Faldo used the Odyssey Rosie during his emphatic Masters win over Greg Norman in 1996. The following year the company was bought by Callaway Golf. Strengthening Odyssey’s reputation for innovation and top-performance. In 2000 the brand released its White Hot putter line, a favourite amongst amateur golfers. Significant industry advances, such as the brand's first two-ball putter, have gone on to become top global sellers, with golfers such as three time major winner Padraig Harrington and Thomas Bjorn using the first model.

Odyssey continues to push boundaries with their new putter designs. Brand ambassadors include Major winners Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Annika Sorenstam. At GolfOnline we stock a full range Odyssey putters in various lengths, to suit golfers of all abilities. If for any reason you cannot find an item on our website, contact us and we can order directly from Odyssey (subject to availability).

Odyssey Putter Technology

Multi-Layer Insert Technology

Inserts are at the heart of what has made Odyssey the #1 putter in golf. Our latest multi-layer inserts allow us to isolate many of the variables that contribute to the great feel of our putters, such as sound, responsiveness, resiliency and the overall performance that the best players in the world demand.

Advanced Roll Technology

Both our multi-material construction and lightweight multi-layer inserts allow us to move weight back and lower in our putters resulting in a lower and deeper CG for better, quicker and truer roll.

Head Weight Optimisation

Tour-tuned weight ports in the sole optimise the putter head with the shaft length to create the ideal balance that maximises feel, control and accuracy.

Hi-Def Linear Alignment

A technology born in our Marxman line, Hi-Def Linear Alignment Technology is a proven winner on tour. Its high contrast design and targeted parallel lines create an easy path to the hole for any putt.

Direction and Re-alignment Technology

A 2-step process in which the eyes align the putter to the target and then can re-align using the point at which the D.A.R.T. design merges with the center of the golf ball. It ensures better alignment on the target line and also promotes consistent strikes on the center of the face for greater distance control.

2-Ball Alignment Technology

2-Ball Alignment Technology has been the driving force behind game improvement putters over the past decade. It revolutionised the game. Odyssey has sold over 3.8 million units with this technology over the last 7 years.

Adjustable Weighting Technology

Our new Adjustable Weighting Technology allows Optimisation with three weighting options to dial in the feel of the putter based on personal preference.

Advanced Moment of Inertia

Advanced Moment of Inertia is featured in a handful of putters in the Odyssey lineup. Extreme perimeter weighting creates stability through the stroke and impact for the straightest truest putts possible.

Visible Face Alignment

Allows golfers to clearly see if the face is square to the target line without the shaft impeding the line of sight. Provides an unprecedented visual aid in lining up putts for precision accuracy.

Forward Press Stabilization

Hands forward position without delofting promotes an upward stroke into the ball, imparting topspin faster to generate true roll. Shaft position helps create a stable, straight line with the leading arm so the wrists are less likely to break down during the stroke. Encourages a longer and lower followthrough for better consistency.

Stroke Balance

By being balanced on the axis of the putting stroke, it promotes a fluid, stable path that’s more consistent, accurate and controlled.

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