Wilson Golf

Wilson Golf

Founded in 1914, Wilson Staff became the first golf manufacturer in the world to develop the sand wedge in 1932. By the end of the following year some 50,000 had been sold, cementing Wilson golf’s reputation as the world leaders they are still known as today.

In the 1950's Wilson developed their revolutionary 'long ball'. Offering vastly improved speed, this game changing innovation springs off the club face 40% faster than the speed of the club. Even today, Wilson golf balls continue to be a favourite choice for golfers of all abilities.

Between 1902 and 2008, a total of 61 major golf tournaments have been won by players using Wilson golf clubs; more than any other brand. This pedigree has made Wilson Staff a favourite amongst professional golfers and continues to draw in new fans from around the world.

The brand continues to remain on the edge of innovation and product design with their new D100 range of woods and irons, which offer excellent drive and accuracy for such a light club. The highly engineered-range of golf clubs from Wilson Staff are aimed at both professional and amateur golfers alike, with an extensive range of ladies golf clubs also available.

At GolfOnline, we stock a huge range of Wilson golf equipment at great prices. Our range includes Wilson golf clubs, their innovative 'distance balls', golf bags, gloves, accessories and branded golf clothing. If for any reason you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us. As an approved UK stockist we can order direct from Wilson (subject to availability).

Wilson Staff Half & Half Golf Club Shaft Technology

In 2010, Wilson Staff introduced the industry's first half graphite and half steel shaft combination in the Wilson Staff D-FY Combo Set. The patentpending Half & Half shaft delivers the best of both worlds; the feel and speed of graphite fused with the consistency and performance of steel.  It is great for any player looking for higher club head speed and an overall power boost.

Wilson Staff Wide-Tip Golf Club Shaft Technology

85% of all shots are struck from the center to the toe of a club. Wilson's patented wide-tip shaft technology features a low-torque shaft tip that prevents the club head from twisting on off-center hits and longer, straighter ball flight.

Wilson Staff Fybrid Technology

FYbrid Technology is a fusion of a fairway wood and a hybrid.  The FYbrid club is a 41" length and a 19.5 deg  lofted club to make it easier to hit than a fairway wood and it hits longer than an average hybrid.  It is a perfect fusion of the two..

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