Mizuno Golf

Mizuno Golf

Over one hundred years ago, Rihachi Mizuno established Mizuno Bros Ltd and began to manufacture athletic uniforms, baseballs and baseball gloves. Three decades later, Mizuno Golf was born as the company produced the first-ever Japanese made golf clubs. Favoured by many past and present players on Tour including former number one Luke Donald, the 2013 Women’s Open Champion, Stacey Lewis, Sir Nick Faldo and the late Seve Ballesteros, Mizuno golf clubs are a solid staple in the professional golfing world.

Mizuno golf clubs, in particular their 'grain-flow' forged irons such as the MP and JPX ranges, along with their drivers, fairway woods and putters, are considered among the best available to the market today. Alongside their world-class golf clubs, Mizuno golf equipment includes golf shoes, golf bags, golf balls and clothing. The brand’s latest MP-S golf ball is excellent for players of all abilities and has been singled out for its capacity to stick to the green in fast playing conditions. With ranges suitable for both professional golfers and keen amateurs, Mizuno continues to be a driving force in innovation and commitment to excellence on the course.

At GolfOnline we have an extensive range of Mizuno Golf equipment in stock including thermal base layers, breathable waterproofs and many other accessories and gifts. If for any reason you are unable to find an item in stock, contact us to order directly from Mizuno (subject to availability).

Find the perfectly matched shaft in 3 swings

Swing DNA

Just ten years ago the most complex shaft choice a serious golfer had to make was 'Stiff or regular'. Now the massive growth of custom fitting has thrown up so many options that the average player has more ways to get it wrong than ever.

Mizuno has developed a cutting edge technology that takes shaft fitting to a whole new level. In creating Swing DNA a unique system that identifies the unique blueprint in every swing - Mizuno has addressed the most critical element of the entire custom fitting process.Specially-created software sits through the mass of shaft options to select the optimal match, based on Swing DNA recorded by Mizuno's Shaft Optimiser. What was once a time-consuming and inaccurate process is now one that is immediate, consistent and widely available.

Swing DNA - What's the blueprint?

Faced with this problem, Mizuno has developed a cutting edge technology that takes shaft fitting to a whole new level. In creating Swing DNA a unique system that identifies the unique blueprint in every swing - Mizuno has addressed the most critical element of the entire custom fitting process.
Specially-created software sits through the mass of shaft options to select the optimal match, based on Swing DNA recorded by Mizuno's Shaft Optimiser. What was once a time-consuming and inaccurate process is now one that is immediate, consistent and widely available.

Shaft Optimisation

Shaft Optimisation On traditional custom built sets shaft recommendations were based on the theory that fast swingers required stiff s, while everybody else was a regular. Twenty years on, the Mizuno range of custom iron shafts has evolved to more than 50 options, with only a few State of the Art Facilities able to take advantage.

Mizuno's new Shaft Optimiser changes everything. A real golf club with specially developed strain gauges and microprocessor, the Shaft Optimiser records an individuals Swing DNA from just 3 real shots. Combined with an exclusive Mizuno software the unique DNA is used to narrow down a baffling prospect of more than 50 shafts to the very best match - with 2 back up suggestions to test against.

The Shaft Optimiser is unique in the amount of information it records. Clubhead speed and tempo might typically determine the ideal flex and weight of the shaft, but with so many variables to consider - weight, flex, kick point, tip softness - much more hard data is required to accurately determine a player's optimimum shaft. The Shaft Optimiser also measures shaft toe down, shaft kick angle and release factor readings in order to build up the players unique blueprint.

Theory vs. Reality

Swing DNA UnitMizuno's process incorporates an interchangeable shaft system so that the recommended shaft / head combination can be tested as confirmation.

Offering a choice of head weights - standard, lighter and graphite-weighted each test iron is designed to feel and play exactly like Mizuno's final production models. To ensure that the extra weight of the specially-made titanium adaptor didn't impact on the club's playing properties, 8 grams of mass was removed from the hosel of the test head. Any combination of shaft and head screwed together during the fitting process, will have the weight, feel and performance of a final production iron.

The Art of Forging

Mizuno is unquestionably the world's leading iron forger. But what is that reputaion built on?

You can think of casting like making ice in your freezer - you are turning a liquid into a solid by using a mould. Cast irons tend to be made from a stainless steel alloy; the steel goes into a furnace, melts, and is then poured into a ceramic mould. When everything has cooled down the mould is broken, leaving the club inside. With forging, the club is fashioned from one piece of metal. At Mizuno we make irons out of bars of mild carbon steel; the bars are 10in long and about one inch in diameter. The metal is heated until it is red hot, then hammered and crafted into shape.

Mizuno Apparel Technology

Base Layer Comfort Level


Using 3 Dimensional Computer Generation (3DCG) Mizuno engineers have created an unique combination of compression fabric and patterning to produce BIOGEAR. Mizuno Biogear compression fabric ia engineered on the concept of making your muscles work more efficiently, expanding less energy during the game through muscle stability and reduced muscle fatigue. Using Mizuno Drylite Technology, lositure is rapidly wicked away from the body for quicker evaporation, maintaining a core body temperature for optimum performance.

Breath Thermo - Body Warming Technology

Mizuno's new and revolutionary thermal fabric that absorbs body moisture to generate heat. Exothermic Property of Breath Thermo has extremely high moisture absorbing power to control humidity and heat between the body and the outside environment. It is buffer against sudden environment changes. Antibacterial and Deodorizing feature functions to prevent odors.

Mid Layer Thermal

Windlite - WindProof Lightweight Performance

A flexible dropline offers superior windproofing and breathability, maintaining an optimal core body temperature - perfect for all playing conditions. The combination of the Mizuno WindLite flexible and breathable windproof membrane and knit outer shell provides 100% wind protection and comfort.A machine washable cotton/acrylic knit shell provides both style and comfort. Windproof Dropline offers superior protection from wind and freedom of movement during the game. Epidermal Skin Layer maintains an optimal core body temperatue which provides the best performance potential in all weather conditions.

Outer Layer Protection

Impermalite Waterproof Technology

With 10,000mm of waterproofing, Mizuno's Japanese fabric engineers have created the highest level of lightweight performance fabric. The combination level of a Microweave shell and a lightweight, waterproof and breathable laminate provides the water unsurpassed performance and comfort.Mizuno Impermalite's finely Woven Microfiber Yarn utilizes the finest Japanese yarns woven into a lightweight, breathable microweave fabric shell.Mizuno Impermalite Waterproof Laminate ia a lightweight coating located on the underside of the microweave shell providing both breathability and waterproofness. A micro waffle finish to the laminate allows less laminate to body surface contact, providing the wearer additional comfort 

Mizuno Glove Technology

A thicker moisture absorbing inner wristband provides a more comfortable fit, preventing glove 'cuss curl'.

Mizuno's patented 3D patterning provides a comfortable, natural fitting glove through the pre-curved patterning of the panels, which follows the natural curve of the hand.

Patented Mizuno FitBridge Technology offers a snug fit between fore finger and palm, providing a comfortable shaft grip.

Spandex inserts provide additional flex across stress points.

Angled velcro pull tab to ensure a secure, firm fit and tight palm.

Mizuno Golf Bag Technology

Lightweight, pre-curved dual shoulder harness with triple padding for enhanced carry comfort. Utilising IZZO strap attachment technology for a balanced, comfortable carry.

Padded hippad that allows free flow of air, providing a comfortable carry with reduced perspiration build-up.

Insulated zip closure pocket that keeps drinks chilled and cool.

Internal hydration sleeve for water bottle storage.

Patented Organiser Top Cuff with 'Divide and Slide' Technology that uses the natural weight of the heads to seperate clubs for easy and quick access during play.

Forward opening, large mouth zip closure pocket.

Seperate zip closure forward facing pocket for quick and easy access to tees.

Mizuno Footwear Technology

Mizuno Wave
Reducing lateral movement by 200% compared to conventional soles, Mizuno's Infinity Wave Plate provides a stable swing base with the potential to increase clubheaf speed.

Impact Grip Spike
Golf spikes designed to further enhance the stability of the shoe. Offers the flexibility for the shoe grip ayout to be set for a left or right hand player.

The upper material of the shoe is anatomically patterned, based on a detailed movement analysis of feet to further enhance support.

Parachute Tab
Quick release function to loosen laces.

Low Rebound
Insoles with Low Rebound Urethane material provides support to the area from the arch to heel by absorbing shock for more stability.

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