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John Daly Drives the Ball Out of a Woman’s Mouth

John Daly Drives the Ball Out of a Woman’s Mouth
Last Friday most of the golfing world was engrossed by what was happening at the Masters. John Daly might not have been on the course at Augusta, but that didn’t stop him from getting some interesting practice time in.   Video surfaced over the weekend of either a very brave or slightly crazy woman who allowed the 47-year-old to tee up in her mouth. Daly tweeted the experience with the caption “Don't try this at home! #MastersWeek #TeeitHigh #GripitandRipIt.”   It’s unclear the circumstances surrounding the stunt but the woman, identified as Katherine Michelle seems relieved and a bit jumpy once it’s all over! Don't try this at home! #MastersWeek #TeeitHigh #GripitandRipIt @kath_michell.. ...

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