Mizuno Aerolite X Blocked Stand Bag lets players get on with their game

Mizuno Aerolite X Blocked Stand Bag lets players get on with their game
Golf enthusiasts keen to get on with their game rather than rummaging around trying to find the right club for a certain shot should take a look at the Mizuno Aerolite X Blocked Stand Bag.

The bag, which is capable of holding all the clubs a modern golfer might need, boasts a lightweight material all over, meaning that it weighs just 2kg when empty.

Furthermore, the special material used to make the bag is also fitted with Mizuno's own Airflow technology so as to reduce perspiration while carrying it from hole to hole.

However, it is the patented 'Divide and Slide' technology integrated into the Mizuno Aerolite X Blocked Stand Bag that is likely to get most golfers' attention, with the bag utilising the natural weight of the heads to separate clubs and thereby make them easy to find and pull out during play.

Meanwhile, city boys no longer have to leave their pinstripes in the locker room when they head out onto the fairway thanks to a new limited-edition golf bag from Mizuno.

As its name suggests, the Mizuno Aerolite X Pinstripe Stand Bag boasts a striking design, blending plain white and turquoise with a black and white side panel.

Additionally, the bag boasts the firm's own Airflow Hippad technology, geared towards keeping player perspiration to a minimum when carrying clubs around the course.

However, it's not simply a matter of style over substance, with the Mizuno Aerolite X Pinstripe Stand Bag also coming with a host of practical features, not least the Kubaki Organiser Top Cuff, where players are able to make use of the specially-patented Divide and Slide technology to enjoy easy access to their club of choice.

Furthermore, the bag comes equipped with Mizuno's innovative Aerostrap, offering triple padding for enhanced comfort and extra balance while out on the course.

Golfers keen to inject a little colour in their game could do worse than upgrading to a Mizuno Aerolite X Starburst Stand Bag.

The bag's limited-edition graphics, which feature the firm's logo printed on a bright pink and black backdrop on the main side panel, are sure to make a player stand out from the crowd, whether it's in the clubhouse or out on the course.

And, far from just being a pretty face, the bag is also practical too, with a range of special features ensuring that users enjoy unrivalled access to their clubs.

Moreover, the Shower Cap ensures that a player's equipment is kept dry even in the heaviest of downpours.

Finally, the Mizuno Aerolite X Stamp Stand Bag offers golf enthusiasts the chance to benefit from both style and substance while out on the fairway.

Measuring 34.5 inches in height and 8.5 inches in width, the bag is large enough to accommodate all of the clubs a typical player might need for a round.

The limited-edition Mizuno Aerolite X Stamp Stand Bag also boasts an eye-catching outer design, with bright greens contrasting with black fabric to ensure that a player stands out from the crowd.

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