Get 'confidence boost' with Ben Sayers M8 Utility Club

Get 'confidence boost' with Ben Sayers M8 Utility Club
The Ben Sayers M8 Utility Club can imbue confidence in golfers, it has been suggested.

According to Today's Golfer, players are likely to be reassured by the club's meaty head, which is 20 per cent larger than on the model it replaced.

Furthermore, the Ben Sayers M8 Utility Club offers greater forgiveness than its predecessors when the ball is struck off-centre.

This is because a redesign has allowed weight to be redistributed at the perimeter of the club.

Meanwhile, the hybrid's low and deep centre of gravity promotes a higher launch angle, as well as greater carry and distance.

Right and left-handed versions of the Ben Sayers M8 Utility Club are available, while there are also a number of different loft options.

Right-handed clubs are offered with lofts of 20, 23 and 26 degrees, with left-handed clubs coming with lofts of either 20 or 23 degrees.

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