Powakaddy FX1 Electric Trolley with Lithium Battery
Disclaimer: Images are provided by the manufacturer and actual colours may appear quite different on product.
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Disclaimer: Images are provided by the manufacturer and actual colours may appear quite different on product.

Powakaddy FX1 Electric Trolley with Lithium Battery

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Special Terms And Conditions

Electric Trolleys Shipped Outside Mainland UK and Ireland

There is a Limited warranty on all Electric Trolleys purchased from outside Mainland UK and IRELAND.

The manufacturer's warranty covers purchases within the UK and Ireland only. Customers who purchase this trolley from outside the UK & Ireland will not be covered under warranty in their country. You will need to return the trolley back to our UK address for repairs and services at your own shipping cost. Please note that as the trolley is being sold from a UK retailer, it will come with a UK charger/plug. If you want to use the trolley in Europe you will need to have the correct European Adaptor to charge the battery.

If you want full warranty cover for the trolley within your country, please remove this product from your basket and purchase the trolley from the manufacturer's authorised retailers within your own country.

You may only continue checkout by accepting these special Terms and Conditions stated above, or by removing this product from your order.

Product Details
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
As part of the renowned FX collection, FX1 trolley represents the tenth reimagining of the world's most popular trolley family, providing golfers of all skill levels with an unparalleled golfing experience.

The FX1 boasts a powerful, whisper-quiet 30v 230w motor in a sleek, low-profile PowaFrame®. The unique Plug 'n' Play™ 30volt Max battery and motor system, combined with a simple on/off speed controller, offer a convenient and effortless golfing experience. With these features, Powakaddy ensures that their quality engineering is accessible to every golfer, enhancing your overall enjoyment on the course.

  • New Simple On/Off Speed Controller:
    Effortlessly control the speed of your trolley with the new easy-to-use on/off speed controller, allowing you to focus on your game.
  • New Single LED On/Off Indicator:
    The single LED indicator provides clear visibility, indicating when your trolley is in use or switched off, ensuring you are always in control.
  • New Low-Profile Sports Wheels:
    Equipped with new low-profile sports wheels, the FX1 delivers smooth and reliable performance, allowing you to easily navigate various terrains.
  • New Height Adjustable Soft Touch Handle:
    The FX1 features a height-adjustable soft-touch handle, catering to golfers of different heights and providing exceptional comfort during your rounds.
  • New High-Power Plug 'n' Play™ 30v Battery System:
    The innovative Plug 'n' Play™ 30v battery system offers a high-power performance, ensuring long-lasting endurance throughout your game.
  • New Battery Top Isolator Switch with LED Indicator:
    The battery top isolator switch, equipped with an LED indicator, allows for safe and convenient usage, providing peace of mind on the course.
  • New Whisper Quiet Powerful 30v 230-Watt Motor:
    The FX1's powerful 30v 230-Watt motor operates silently, eliminating distractions and allowing you to concentrate on your game.
  • New Anti-Tamper Dial Control:
    The anti-tamper dial control adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that your settings remain intact throughout your rounds.
  • New Scorecard and Pencil Holder:
    Stay organised with the built-in scorecard and pencil holder, keeping everything you need within reach as you play.
  • High-Performance Low Profile PowaFrame® Chassis: The FX1's high-performance, low-profile PowaFrame® chassis provides stability and durability, enhancing the overall performance of your trolley.
  • Cutting-Edge Battery Technology:
    The advanced technology incorporated in the FX1 ensures that your battery discharges less, maximising its lifespan and providing consistent power throughout your game.
  • 2-Year Warranty on the Trolley:
    Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty on the FX1 trolley, demonstrating Powakaddy's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • 5-Year Pro Rata Warranty on Lithium Battery*:
    The FX1 is accompanied by a 5-year pro-rata warranty on the lithium battery, offering extended coverage and ensuring long-term reliability.


Weight: 9.5kg (without Battery)
Dimensions (Folded) H: 805mm W: 560mm D: 346mm
Motor: 30v 230w
18-Hole 30V Plug ‘n’ Play battery: 1.8KG (220WH)

UNIQUE Plug ‘n’ Play™ Lithium Battery Technology
Welcome to the next generation Lithium 30v Max™ battery and motor system, making the new trolleys significantly more efficient.

PowaKaddy’s Second Generation Plug ‘n’ Play™ battery system also features a new, top mounted, easy access on/off switch, a really clever and simple battery release latch and is an impressive 40% smaller than the previous model, while maintaining 100% of its capacity.

PowaKaddy’s unique Plug ‘n’ Play™ Battery system is the thinnest, lightest and most powerful on the market. They eliminate the need for any fiddly connection wires which allows batteries to quickly slot into place and battery can remain in the trolley when folded down.

The re-engineered nickel cobalt manganese lithium battery technology delivers 20% more power through the high efficiency near silent drive train. Inside every lithium battery is an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) which protects the battery and trolley ensuring a longer life.

In the UK all PowaKaddy Plug ‘n’ Play™ lithium batteries come with a 5-year full warranty*

Available in 18 Hole 220wh and 36 Hole 260wh.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Battery Weight
18-hole 30V Plug ‘n’ Play™ battery: 1.8KG
36-hole 30V Plug ‘n’ Play™ battery: 1.95KG
What is Quiet Mark?
The Quiet Mark is the international approval award programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation. It recognises technology that has been designed to reduce noise within the design of everyday machines and appliances, and find solutions to noise problems. PowaKaddy electric trolleys are the first electric trolleys to receive the Quiet Mark accreditation.

Warranty Information:
The manufacturer's warranty covers purchases within the UK and Ireland only. Customers who purchase this trolley from outside the UK & Ireland will not be covered for warranty in their country. They will need to return the trolley back to us in to the UK for repairs & services at their cost.

The trolley and charger are covered by a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects that occur during normal use. Any breakage caused by accidental damage or as a result of abuse or misuse (as set out in the relevant manual) or commercial use is not covered. Powakaddy batteries are covered by a separate warranty (12 month lead acid / 60 month lithium) and can be registered using the "Battery Warranty Card" or online using our warranty registration form.

Product  Warranty
Trolley Frame 2 Year 
Battery Charger  2 Year
Lithium Battery 5 Year Full
Other Spare Part 2 Year

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