Pure Grips

Pure Grips

Pure Grip Pro Grips 3 Colours Pure Grip Pro Grips MRRP £11   £9.95 Save 10%   Pure Grip DTX Grips Pure Grip DTX Grips     £11.95     Pure Grip Classic Putter Grip 6 Colours Pure Grip Classic Putter Grip     £14.95 - £22.95     Pure Grip P2 Wrap Grips Pure Grip P2 Wrap Grips MRRP £11   £10.95    
Pure grips use the highest percentage of rubber in their grips which they say gives them the best quality.

PURE Grips have a unique injection mould, that they say gives the best tackiness of all grips. The mould also enables the manufacturing process to be far more accurate and precise to the desired specification, with only a +/- 1 gramme weight tolerance.
They claim they keep their tackiness longer than any other grip on the market, this is due to the larger percentage of rubber used in the grips. This makes them perform better in both hot and wet conditions.

A unique feature is that PURE Grips don't need any tape when you are fitting them to the club, although you may choose to use some. To get the grips on the club you can use a "quick connecting' air compressor where you can just blow them on or off via a small hole at the top of the grip.

One feature you will find with PURE grips is the amazing different range of colours you can choose from and the personalisation you can receive, such as your name or a message written on the grip (not as standard).

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