Puma Golf Apparel

Puma Golf Apparel

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Puma Golf Apparel

Puma, a major international brand, has the puma as its logo, an apt representation as it is known for its aggressive marketing strategies. Its products include athletic and casual footwear, as well as sportswear including golf apparel. Its designers are equally well-known in the fashion circuit, such as Amy Garbers and Lamine Kouyate, which explains the fashionable yet functional appeal of its sportswear.

Puma is re-branding itself into a sporty lifestyle brand – contemporary in its designs, modern in its materials and classic in its wearability. In comparison with its closest competitors, the brand has a mainstream hip streetwear appeal that attracts athletes and non-athletes alike. Helping to make it a true stand-out on the golf course!

While the trousers and shorts as well as the shirts, jackets and vests have a decidedly golf enthusiast vibe, these clothes can be worn on and off the course. The clean lines, streamlined silhouettes and vibrant colours make for simple yet stylish and sophisticated additions to your everyday wardrobe.

Who says that you can only wear golf apparel while playing golf? Not with this world-famous brand available at GolfOnline!

With function at its forefront, Puma-labelled golf apparel is designed with performance in mind. Many of the shirts are made from a combination of spandex, polyester and polyester Coolmax®, which provides flexibility, stretch and moisture-wicking properties, as well as ultraviolet protection.

Most of the trousers are also designed to withstand hours of use in most weather conditions during golf games and are also equipped with pockets for storage.

Choose your Puma golf attire now and be well-dressed and well-prepared for your next 18 holes!