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Shot Scope Rangefinder & Watches.

Shot Scope Rangefinder & Watches. Shot Scope

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Shot Scope

Shot Scope delivers cutting-edge technology for golfers seeking to elevate their game. The diverse range of products, including the X5 GPS Watch, PRO LX+ Laser Rangefinder, CONNEX, and H4 Handheld, integrates advanced GPS and performance tracking capabilities. Every shot is meticulously recorded by tracking tags, empowering you to analyse over 100 detailed statistics via the free Shot Scope app and dashboard.

This analysis can help lower scores and reduce handicaps significantly. For players interested in GPS-only solutions, the G5 GPS Watch provides precise distances across 36,000 preloaded courses globally. Meanwhile, our PRO L2 Laser Rangefinder, equipped with adaptive slope technology, offers a precise tool for golfers who prefer to measure their targets directly. Whichever technology you choose, Shot Scope enhances your ability to understand and improve your golf performance.
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