Earn your Loyalty Points

Over the years we have learned the importance of putting our customers first. To thank our returning client base GolfOnline offers the industry’s most exclusive money-back Loyalty Points system. Since the programme began in 2008 we have given away tens of thousands of pounds to our loyal members. Now it’s your chance to take advantage!

Check out all the SIMPLE ways you can earn GolfOnline points:Programme

1. Earn 200 Loyalty points when you create an account and opt-in for our newsletters (effective from 1st June 2015)
  • You will earn 200 loyalty points when you create an account and opt-in for our newsletters (after 30 days)
  • Simply create an account with GolfOnline and select opt-in for newsletter
  • Points will automatically be credited to your new account after 30 days if you remain opted-in for our newsletters
  • Standard Loyalty Points Programme terms and conditions will apply, please see below.
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2. Earn points buying our products

  • Each Point earned will be worth 1 pence. Normally 2 points can be earned for every pound spend on all eligible products (points will be shown on the respective product pages) less any returned.
  • Use points to buy products on GolfOnline in full or at a discount (500 points gives you the option to discount your next purchase by £5).
  • Earn more points on the remaining value of discounted purchases (redeem 500 points on a product that’s £100 and earn points on the remaining £95).
  • Points can be redeemed up to the value of the item you wish to buy.You may use points in conjunction with other discounts and existing offers.
  • Points cannot be redeemed against shipping costs.
  • Points cannot be used or earned when buying GolfOnline gift vouchers.
  • You can redeem points at any time.
  • No minimum points amounts are required for redemption.
  • Points will be added to your account after the returns cooling-off period is over (normally 14 days after delivery of your order).  Points will be adjusted for any returned items.

3. Earn 500 points for your referrals

  • For each new customer you introduce to us earn 500 points (worth £5.00).
  • Simply ask them to enter your email address (the one registered to your GolfOnline account) at the end of their first successful checkout.
  • Points will automatically be credited to you within 30 days after their first order has been completed
  • You can refer up to 10 friends per month. Giving you the opportunity to earn 5000 points or £50 a month from us!
4. Earn points reviewing our products

  • Earn 25 points for every product you review on our website.
  • Reviews must stem from products purchased by you through GolfOnline. 
  • You can review up to 10 products per month. Giving you the potential to earn 250 points every 30 days! 
  • Our team reads every review to check the authenticity and prevent fraud. Approved reviews, good or bad, will earn points.
...and, you can now earn more with Bonus Points offers!

Check out our BONUS POINTS offered on select products throughout the year and you could earn double, or even triple, points against the value of your item! 

Terms and Conditions

  1. All points are awarded to your account after an approval process.
  2. Points redeemed against orders will be automatically deducted at the time of purchase.
  3. Points earned from posting product reviews will only be awarded once our review guidelines have been met and the review has been approved by our content editor.
  4. Please note we reserve the right to remove, withdraw or post any review that is posted on our website. Only relevant and confirmed buyers will be awarded the points.
  5. We will only consider points for reviews that are deemed as genuine and extremely descriptive towards the product. All other reviews will be considered as spam.
  6. Points automatically expire after 12 months from the last date of earning. This means every time you earn points the expiry date will automatically be extended for another 12 months points confirmation date. You will have 365 days to redeem your points balance from the last earned date.
  7. Points cannot be transferred into cash, nor can they be transferred between accounts.
  8. Points will be rewarded on the total amount spent minus VAT Tax. For instance, if you spend £100 then you will earn points on £80 (£100 - 20% VAT current UK tax rate). Tax value may vary depending on the country for which you are making the purchase. The redeemable points value is automatically calculated in relation to GBP as the base currency. As an example, if you have 100 points balance then the redeemable value would be £1 or our currency conversion rate will be for value in an alternative currency (for example in EUROS this would be calculated as £1 * 1.3 (example Euro currency exchange rate) = EUROS 1.30 would be available to redeem against a future order.
  9. Referral bonus claims will be automatically invalidated when a.) customer refers themselves b.) Referral accounts created after one placing the order, c.) Referrals are in the same household or address d.) plus many other checks to prevent misuse and fraud
  10. Management reserves the right to freeze the entire points balance in cases such as disputes, complaints and/or account compromises
  11. Management reserves the right to approve and/or withdraw all loyalty points earned under provisions stated within our Terms and Conditions