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Lignum Tees have been specifically created to improve a golfer’s overall performance. Utilising a unique ring system design, their golf tees help to ensure consistency of golf ball height with every shot. Recommended by over 5 million golfers worldwide, Lignum are the #1 golf tee in Europe. 

Experience shows that it is near impossible to achieve repeatable height with traditional tees. With this piece of information in mind, the designers of Lignum Tees set about eliminating this hindrance to consistency. The brand’s ring system is the answer golfers around the globe have been looking for. Allowing you to quickly and easily put the tee in the ground, at your optimal height every time you need it.  

GolfOnline is proud to carry a selection of Lignum Tees to help golfers consistently hit that sweet spot. Improve your confidence on the golf course by purchasing yours today. If for any reason you are unable to find the product you’re looking for on our website, please get in touch with a member of the GolfOnline team who can assist you further.  

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