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There is no golf game without your golf ball. Whether you're looking to hit the links hard or just get some practice in the garden, you will need golf balls. GolfOnline is proud to be one of Europe's largest stockists, but the real question is, why does golf have so many types of balls?

The simple answer is, some are for practicing and others are for playing. Check out our huge range of Lake Balls, Refinished and brand new balls, featuring modern classics such as the Titleist Pro V1 and ProV1x. We even specialise in personalised balls to help you stand out on the course or for you to give as the perfect gift.

Our Range of golf balls are arguably the most important piece of equipment in your golf bag. You use them for every shot you take and rely on them to get you through both your long and short game. Without them you wouldn’t be able to even begin a round but do you know the ball that best fits your style of play?

When you really catch the golfing bug, you may begin to ask yourself questions like “should I look for a 2, 3 or even a 5 piece golf ball?” or “Do I need a distance ball, spinning ball or something in between?” At GolfOnline we are here to answer all those questions and more, ensuring you pick the perfect sleeve of balls needed to bring your game to its highest level.

From the new TaylorMade TP5 and TP5 X  to the leading Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x, we stock a wide variety of options certain to match your needs.

High Handicap Balls - What to look For:

High Handicap Balls - What to look For:
Beginner golfers typically have a very inconsistent swing, constantly "topping" the ball. This means that the ball is hit by the leading edge of the club rather than the centre of the club face. This can damage the ball, especially if it has a soft cover. In this case, you really would suit a more durable hard covered ball. Slicing and hooking are the result of imparting too much spin on the ball. Although it may be nice to be able to land the ball 5 yards past the pin and zip the ball back into the hole, most of us would benefit from using a lower spin ball that lets us control our longer clubs. Golf is a totally different game when you aren't a big hitter and leaves you many more difficult long shots that other players just don't get. In fact, golf is disproportionately difficult for the beginner and high handicap player. It can seem especially unfair when your playing partner is constantly hitting the ball 100 yards past yours on the fairway.