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OffersStuburt Mens Urban Control Spiked Golf ShoesStuburt Mens Urban Control Spiked Golf Shoes3 Colours£34.95quick find # G15909Stuburt Thermal Beanie HatStuburt Thermal Beanie Hat£9.95quick find # G16182OffersStuburt Mens Sport Lite Waterproof JacketStuburt Mens Sport Lite Waterproof Jacket3 Colours£59.95quick find # G14564OffersStuburt Mens Cyclone Waterproof JacketStuburt Mens Cyclone Waterproof Jacket4 Colours£69.95£59.95quick find # G16168Stuburt Mens Essentials Zip Neck Base LayerStuburt Mens Essentials Zip Neck Base Layer2 Colours£19.95quick find # G16178Stuburt Mens Sport Lite Half Zip WindshirtStuburt Mens Sport Lite Half Zip Windshirt£34.95quick find # G14569Stuburt Mens Cylone Half Zip WindShirtStuburt Mens Cylone Half Zip WindShirt4 Colours£44.95£34.95quick find # G16169Stuburt Mens Urban Essential Stretch TrouserStuburt Mens Urban Essential Stretch Trouser3 Colours£24.95quick find # G15542Stuburt Mens Sport Cyclone Short Sleeve WindShirtStuburt Mens Sport Cyclone Short Sleeve WindShirt4 Colours£39.95quick find # G15933Stuburt Mens Urban Essential Stretch ShortsStuburt Mens Urban Essential Stretch Shorts3 Colours£22.95quick find # G15544OffersStuburt Mens Sport Pro Fit Golf ShoesStuburt Mens Sport Pro Fit Golf Shoes2 Colours£39.95quick find # G15932Stuburt Mens Cyclone BootStuburt Mens Cyclone Boot£59.95quick find # G16174Stuburt Ladies All Weather Golf GlovesStuburt Ladies All Weather Golf Gloves£4.95quick find # G15546Stuburt Mens Cyclone Full Zip FleeceStuburt Mens Cyclone Full Zip Fleece3 Colours£39.95£34.95quick find # G16171Stuburt Mens Urban Essential Stretch Check TrouserStuburt Mens Urban Essential Stretch Check Trouser£29.95quick find # G15543Stuburt Mens Cyclone Half Zip FleeceStuburt Mens Cyclone Half Zip Fleece4 Colours£39.95£34.95quick find # G16172Stuburt Mens All Weather Golf GlovesStuburt Mens All Weather Golf Gloves£4.95quick find # G15545Stuburt Mens Cyclone Hybrid JacketStuburt Mens Cyclone Hybrid Jacket2 Colours£59.95quick find # G16173Stuburt Ladies Sport Lite Waterproof TrouserStuburt Ladies Sport Lite Waterproof Trouser£34.95£29.95quick find # G14567Stuburt Mens Sport Lined Half Zip SweaterStuburt Mens Sport Lined Half Zip Sweater3 Colours£39.95quick find # G16176Stuburt Mens Essentials Crew Neck SweaterStuburt Mens Essentials Crew Neck Sweater2 Colours£29.95£22.95quick find # G14575Stuburt Mens Sport Lite Waterproof TrouserStuburt Mens Sport Lite Waterproof Trouser£34.95quick find # G14565Stuburt Mens Essentials Waterproof SuitStuburt Mens Essentials Waterproof Suit£79.95quick find # G16177Stuburt Mens Essentials Zip Neck SweaterStuburt Mens Essentials Zip Neck Sweater3 Colours£34.95quick find # G16175
Formed in 1860 by two shoemakers, Stuburt has enjoyed a successful career in various sporting fields including Yachting, Skating, Soccer and Golf. The company has gone from strength to strength over the past century, creating a thriving collection of golf shoes and apparel, building a loyal following from pros and amateur golfers alike. In 1980 the brand began producing golf shoes, with Tony Jacklin wearing the Pro-Am shoe in competitions around the world.

With over 100 years of experience Stuburt approached Darren Clarke with the idea for him to launch his own range of golf shoes. In 2007 this collection was created and consisted of hand crafted, leather soled golf shoes. Boasting classic appeal and style, offering golfers of all abilities the opportunity to sport footwear designed by the 2011 Open Champion.

At GolfOnline we are proud to offer an extensive range of Stuburt products. From the highly successful Darren Clarke range to their superior collection of men and women’s apparel, you’ll find everything to fulfil your Stuburt needs here. If for any reason you cannot find an item on our website, contact us and we can order directly from Stuburt (subject to availability).
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