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Daily Sports

Daily sports is a household Ladies golf fashion brand name in Sweden and is becoming the same across Europe. Their aim is to be one of the biggest names in Ladies golf fashion and we think they are heading in the right direction. Their clothes are aimed at women that are serious about their golf and want to look great whilst playing and in the bar after.


Daily Sports ambition is to enable more Ladies and girls across the globe to see golf and realise that you can look and feel great whilst playing. Breaking the stereotypes that have held back the sport for decades is not an easy task but they are starting to do just that.
As well as looking great on the golf course Daily sports want to provide Ladies with clothes they can feel comfortable and confident both on and off the course.
They pride themselves on their attention to detail and superb fit.
Each year they invest a considerable amount of time and resources into staying ahead of the trends and being innovative in their design.


Daily sports started and is still situated in Stockholm, Sweden. It has been trading there since 1995. There is at least 18 established distributors across 28 countries in Europe and that number is ever growing.

The company is privately owned by CEO Ulrika Skoghag who took over from her Mother Elizabeth a few years ago. She quickly rose to the prominence and is now considered one of the most influential people withing the Swedish sports retail industry in Sweden.

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