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Whether you are trying to get out of a bunker, or looking to successfully tackle your short game, wedges are there to offer you maximum control, making them a vital component in your armory of clubs. It is important to make sure that you have a decent set of wedges in your bag as these are often the clubs you will use around the green to determine whether you get up and down in two to save par, or whether you will make bogey.

Most sets carry a pitching wedge (normally 45°- 50°) and sand wedge (normally 54 - 58°). We stock a full range of wedges, including Gap Wedges (normally 50-54°) and Lob Wedges (normally 58-64°) to control the ball when you’re nearer the green, and to help you form a full set, ensuring you’re able to handle the various scenarios you could be faced with during a round.

An ideal time to use a chipper would be when you are just off the green, but not in high grass. You can play a chipper in the same way you would play a putter but the small amount of loft on the club means you are able to lift the ball past any hazards that might be lying between you and the hole.

At GolfOnline we stock a wide range of branded wedges and chippers to suit all golfing abilities. From the new Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Wedge to the impressive Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Wedges, you’ll be able to find the exact fit and style to help get you playing to your personal best.