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Jim Jannard established Oakley in 1975 with a budget of just $300 and a simple concept – to make products that work better and look better than anything else on the market. Named after his dog, Oakley, the brand began by selling a new kind of motorcycle hand grip, revolutionary to the motocross world. The company’s next invention, the O Frame goggles, challenged the limits of conventional thinking and won over the support of Motocross’ biggest names, including Mark Barnett and Marty Smith.

The brand swiftly moved into the realm of fashion and performance eye wear. Creating pieces at the forefront of style crafted from quality materials that promote ultimate functionality. Oakley refuses to settle and remains dedicated to solving the problems faced by today’s sports elite by combining science and art to produce the latest in technology and design.

At GolfOnline we are proud to stock the newest Oakley ranges. From the eye wear they’re famous for to accessories and apparel expertly crafted with Oakley’s same commitment to quality, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. If for any reason you cannot find an item on our website, contact us and we can order directly from Oakley (subject to availability).
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Oakley Mens Sector Golf ShoesOakley Mens Sector Golf Shoes3 Colours£49.95was £69.95quick find # G15549 OffersOakley Mens Refresher ShortsOakley Mens Refresher Shorts2 Colours£22.95was £29.95quick find # G15005 Oakley Mens 50s 2.0 TrouserOakley Mens 50s 2.0 Trouser3 Colours£39.95quick find # G15761 Oakley Mens Carbon Pro 2 Golf ShoesOakley Mens Carbon Pro 2 Golf Shoes2 Colours£119.95quick find # G15757 Oakley Mens Cipher 4 Golf ShoesOakley Mens Cipher 4 Golf Shoes2 Colours£89.95was £129.95quick find # G15759 Oakley Mens Impact Golf TrousersOakley Mens Impact Golf Trousers2 Colours£32.95was £44.95quick find # G15002 Oakley Mens Take Pant 2.5 TrouserOakley Mens Take Pant 2.5 Trouser4 Colours£39.95quick find # G16043 Oakley Factory Lite BeltOakley Factory Lite Belt3 Colours£16.95was £22.95quick find # G14914 Oakley Mens Elemental 2.0 Polo ShirtOakley Mens Elemental 2.0 Polo Shirt6 Colours£34.95quick find # G13672 Oakley Mens Cameron Polo ShirtOakley Mens Cameron Polo Shirt2 Colours£24.95quick find # G16324 Oakley Mens 50S Golf TrousersOakley Mens 50S Golf Trousers£29.95was £49.95quick find # G15001 Oakley Mens Thomas Polo ShirtOakley Mens Thomas Polo Shirt2 Colours£24.95quick find # G16325 Oakley Mens Take 3.0 Shorts 2014Oakley Mens Take 3.0 Shorts 20142 Colours£34.95quick find # G13674 Oakley Packable Lightweight BackPackOakley Packable Lightweight BackPack2 Colours£12.95was £17.95quick find # G15010 Oakley Mens Coleman Polo ShirtOakley Mens Coleman Polo Shirt£39.95quick find # G16180 Oakley Mens Parker Half Zip Pullover 2014Oakley Mens Parker Half Zip Pullover 2014£39.95was £49.95quick find # G13675 Oakley Mens Newlyn Polo ShirtOakley Mens Newlyn Polo Shirt4 Colours£39.95quick find # G15762 Oakley Mens Reversible Command VestOakley Mens Reversible Command Vest3 Colours£49.95was £79.95quick find # G14998 Oakley Mens Cipher 3 Golf Shoes 2014Oakley Mens Cipher 3 Golf Shoes 20142 Colours£74.95was £109.95quick find # G13660 Oakley Mens Ellis Polo ShirtOakley Mens Ellis Polo Shirt£34.95was £49.95quick find # G15003 OffersOakley Mens Overton Windproof JacketOakley Mens Overton Windproof Jacket£49.95was £64.95quick find # G15000 Oakley Mens Take 3.0 Golf Trousers 2014Oakley Mens Take 3.0 Golf Trousers 20142 Colours£39.95quick find # G13671 Oakley Factory Pilot BeltOakley Factory Pilot Belt2 Colours£19.95was £29.95quick find # G15014 Oakley Mens Theo Quarter Zip PulloverOakley Mens Theo Quarter Zip Pullover4 Colours£34.95quick find # G15764

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