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BagBoy T-10 Hard Top Wheeled Travel Cover 20182 ColoursBagBoy T-10 Hard Top Wheeled Travel Cover 2018MRRP £139.00£138.99BagBoy C500 Cart Bag4 ColoursBagBoy C500 Cart BagMRRP £109.00£99.00£84.95Save £24.00BagBoy Trekker Ultra Lite Stand Bag3 ColoursBagBoy Trekker Ultra Lite Stand BagMRRP £119.95£109.95Save £10.00BagBoy T-650 Travel Cover2 ColoursBagBoy T-650 Travel CoverMRRP £89.99£79.95Save 11%BagBoy Revolver FX Cart BagBagBoy Revolver FX Cart BagMRRP £209.00£199.00Save £10.00BagBoy TechnoWater S259 Stand Bag2 ColoursBagBoy TechnoWater S259 Stand Bag£179.00BagBoy 3 in 1 Cart FanBagBoy 3 in 1 Cart Fan£39.95BagBoy Bluetooth SpeakerBagBoy Bluetooth Speaker£29.95BagBoy Solar ChargerBagBoy Solar Charger£34.95BagBoy Winter MittensBagBoy Winter MittensMRRP £17.99£17.95BagBoy Quad XL Carry BagBagBoy Quad XL Carry BagMRRP £49.95£44.95Save 10%BagBoy TechNOwater C302 Cart Bag3 ColoursBagBoy TechNOwater C302 Cart BagMRRP £199.00£189.00Save £10.00BagBoy Compact 3 Push Trolley2 ColoursBagBoy Compact 3 Push TrolleyMRRP £189.00£169.95Save £19.00BagBoy Quad XL Push TrolleyBagBoy Quad XL Push TrolleyMRRP £199.00£189.00Save £10.00BagBoy Triswivel II Push TrolleyBagBoy Triswivel II Push TrolleyMRRP £229.99£209.00Save £21.00BagBoy Quad Dirt BagBagBoy Quad Dirt BagMRRP £29.99£24.95Save 17%BagBoy Cart SeatBagBoy Cart SeatMRRP £59.95£54.95Save 8%BagBoy Universal Beverage HolderBagBoy Universal Beverage HolderMRRP £16.99£14.95Save 12%BagBoy Mobile Device HolderBagBoy Mobile Device HolderMRRP £34.99£29.95Save 14%BagBoy Umbrella HolderBagBoy Umbrella Holder£29.95BagBoy Wind Vent 62 Inch Double Canopy Umbrella4 ColoursBagBoy Wind Vent 62 Inch Double Canopy Umbrella£34.95BagBoy Backbone Travel Bag SupportBagBoy Backbone Travel Bag SupportMRRP £24.95£22.95Save 8%BagBoy UV Wind Vent 62 Inch Double Canopy UmbrellaBagBoy UV Wind Vent 62 Inch Double Canopy Umbrella£37.95BagBoy T-2000 Pivot Grip Travel CoverBagBoy T-2000 Pivot Grip Travel CoverMRRP £149.00£139.99Save £9.00
Established in 1945, Bag Boy is a premium brand in the US and throughout mainland Europe thanks to its quality and unique patented designs which are much sought-after by golfers. With a worldwide reputation, Bag Boy is being sold in over 50 countries and boasts the latest innovation across their product range. The company are committed to designing and engineering some the most technologically advanced, user friendly and inventive products on the market.

How did Bag Boy get started? What was the impetus to launch the company?

Bag Boy invented the walking cart back in 1946.  The first cart was designed and made by Bruce Williamson in Portland, Oregon. The original cart was made from two lawn mower wheels with flat tires mounted on an up-and-down folding, spring-suspension chassis, which could be attached to a standard golf bag. The inventor saw a need to pull your clubs around the course, as opposed to carrying them, and today walking carts, or push carts, are extremely popular and in use around the world. 

What makes Bag Boy products stand out from its competitors?

Bag Boy is committed to developing market leading, innovative, and consumer friendly products.  The Revolver cart bag allows golfers to access any club by simply rotating the top 360 degrees while the ultra-light Go Lite Pro and Lite Rider are perfect for the walking or riding golfer. 
The one-of-a-kind Revolver series features a 14-way top that rotates 360 degrees providing easy access to all clubs. Bag Boy organizer bags feature a 14-way bag top with full-length individual dividers (IDS), setting us apart from the competition. The golf bags offer ample space for storage with plenty of features while being price-friendly and lightweight.

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