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MacGregor Golf

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OffersNewMacGregor CG1900 Package Set  Steel/GraphiteMacGregor CG1900 Package Set Steel/Graphite£189.95quick find # G16714MacGregor Heritage Stand BagMacGregor Heritage Stand Bag3 Colours£79.95quick find # G17147MacGregor Heritage Cart BagMacGregor Heritage Cart Bag3 Colours£89.95quick find # G17146OffersNewMacGregor CG1900 Package Set  Graphite ShaftMacGregor CG1900 Package Set Graphite Shaft£209.95quick find # G16715MacGregor VIP Deluxe Wheeled Travel CoverMacGregor VIP Deluxe Wheeled Travel Cover£79.95£49.95quick find # G16439MacGregor Compact 4 – 4 Wheeled TrolleyMacGregor Compact 4 – 4 Wheeled Trolley2 Colours£115.00quick find # G16719MacGregor Premium Travel Cover with WheelsMacGregor Premium Travel Cover with Wheels£129.95£79.95quick find # G16042MacGregor Distance Golf Balls  12 BallsMacGregor Distance Golf Balls 12 Balls£7.95quick find # G16717Macgregor Premium Golf Stand BagMacgregor Premium Golf Stand Bag3 Colours£69.95£59.95quick find # G16274NewMacGregor Ladies CG1900 Package Set  Graphite ShaftMacGregor Ladies CG1900 Package Set Graphite Shaft£210.00quick find # G16716MacGregor Ladies Tourney II Package Set  Graphite ShaftMacGregor Ladies Tourney II Package Set Graphite Shaft£289.95quick find # G16056OffersMacGregor Tourney II Packaget Set  Graphite ShaftMacGregor Tourney II Packaget Set Graphite Shaft2 Colours£279.95 - £289.95quick find # G15906MacGregor Compact 3 Wheeled Push TrolleyMacGregor Compact 3 Wheeled Push Trolley3 Colours£99.95quick find # G15918Macgregor VIP Satin Chrome WedgeMacgregor VIP Satin Chrome Wedge£29.95quick find # G15674MacGregor Junior Boys Tourney Package SetMacGregor Junior Boys Tourney Package Set2 Colours£99.95£79.95quick find # G15672MacGregor Junior Girls Tourney Package SetMacGregor Junior Girls Tourney Package Set£109.90£99.90quick find # G15673Macgregor VIP Black WedgeMacgregor VIP Black Wedge£29.95quick find # G15675MacGregor VIP 4 Golf PutterMacGregor VIP 4 Golf Putter£29.95quick find # G14789MacGregor 66 Inch Single Canopy UmbrellaMacGregor 66 Inch Single Canopy Umbrella£19.95quick find # G10588
Established in 1897 MacGregor Golf is one of the oldest golf companies in the world with a rich heritage steeped in innovation and tradition, including a record 59 Major PGA Tour wins.

Founded in Dayton, Ohio, by Edward Canby, MacGregor evolved from producing wooden club heads and hickory shafts to releasing the first complete set of iron clubs with steel shafts. A leader in terms of innovation and design, MacGregor transformed how golf clubs were made and played with, as a result quickly becoming one of the most recognised name in golf.

From avid amateurs to history’s greatest champions MacGregor provides the highest quality golf equipment to a wide spectrum of players. At GolfOnline we carry an extensive range of MacGregor products. From deluxe package sets, perfect for those new to the game to the latest drivers and wedges expertly crafted by MacGregor to improve your time on the course. If for any reason you cannot find an item on our website, contact us and we can order directly from MacGregor (subject to availability).
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