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Cobra Golf

Cobra Golf was founded in 1973 by amateur champion, Thomas Crow and quickly set itself apart from the pack, becoming one of the first manufacturers to design a utility club, (also known as a Hybrid Club). The now infamous 'Baffler' utility wood was created by Crow in 1975 with a patented sole-plate design, that’s effective from various lies and still remains in production today.

The introduction of Ladies Cobra and a senior line a decade later helped to cement the brand’s reputation as an industry leader in both design and innovation. Traditionally, Cobra has been about making the game easier for amateurs, however the company has turned its attention to catering to golfers of all abilities in recent years. Winning fans from around the globe while continuing to make a name for itself on Tour with players like Ian Poulter, Rickie Fowler and Anna Nordqvist.

In 2010 the company was acquired by PUMA North America and promptly joined forces with PUMA GOLF. Together the new brand looks to provide superior products that are unique and fresh, while bringing the joy of golf to its customers.

At GolfOnline we carry a varied range of Cobra Golf equipment. From the newest baffler creation, the T-Rail Hybrid, to bold accessories sure to get you noticed on the course, like the Cobra Jacquard Web Belt, you’ll be able to find the Cobra equipment to best suit your game here. If for any reason you cannot find an item on our website, contact us and we can order directly from Cobra (subject to availability).
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OffersCobra BiO CELL 460cc DriverCobra BiO CELL 460cc Driver5 Colours£129.00was £219.00quick find # G12904 OffersCobra BiO CELL Fairway WoodCobra BiO CELL Fairway Wood4 Colours£99.95was £169.00quick find # G12909 OffersCobra BiO CELL HybridCobra BiO CELL Hybrid5 Colours£89.95was £139.00quick find # G12912 OffersCobra Fly-Z XL HybridCobra Fly-Z XL Hybrid£119.00quick find # G14827 OffersCobra Fly-Z XL DriverCobra Fly-Z XL Driver£179.00quick find # G14825 Cobra Excell Stand Bag 2014Cobra Excell Stand Bag 20142 Colours£69.95was £99.95quick find # G13749 OffersCobra Fly-Z HybridCobra Fly-Z HybridCustomize4 Colours£139.00quick find # G15169 Cobra Fly-Z Irons  Steel ShaftCobra Fly-Z Irons Customize4 Colours£70.00 - £549.95quick find # G15184 OffersCobra Fly-Z XL Fairway WoodCobra Fly-Z XL Fairway Wood£139.00quick find # G14826 Cobra Tour Fly-Z CapCobra Tour Fly-Z Cap7 Colours£14.95quick find # G15753 OffersCobra Fly-Z Fairway WoodCobra Fly-Z Fairway WoodCustomize4 Colours£169.00quick find # G15166 OffersCobra Fly-Z DriverCobra Fly-Z DriverCustomize4 Colours£229.00quick find # G15164 OffersCobra Ladies BiO CELL 460cc DriverCobra Ladies BiO CELL 460cc Driver£129.95was £219.00quick find # G12908 Cobra Excell Lightweight Executive Sunday Pencil Bag 2014Cobra Excell Lightweight Executive Sunday Pencil Bag 20143 Colours£49.95was £59.95quick find # G13691 Cobra Pro Tour Sport Mesh Cap 2015Cobra Pro Tour Sport Mesh Cap 20153 Colours£14.95quick find # G15754 Cobra Fly-Z Cart Bag 2015Cobra Fly-Z Cart Bag 20154 Colours£119.50quick find # G15832 Cobra Bio CELL Irons - Steel ShaftCobra Bio CELL Irons - Steel Shaft2 Colours£299.00was £399.00quick find # G12917 OffersCobra Ladies Fly-Z DriverCobra Ladies Fly-Z Driver3 Colours£229.00quick find # G15165 Cobra Ladies AMP Cell S Hybrid Combo Irons  Graphite ShaftCobra Ladies AMP Cell S Hybrid Combo Irons £329.95quick find # G14582 Cobra Bio Cell Pro DriverCobra Bio Cell Pro Driver3 Colours£149.95was £299.95quick find # G13752 OffersCobra Fly-Z+ DriverCobra Fly-Z+ DriverCustomize4 Colours£299.00quick find # G15162 OffersCobra Tour Trusty Wedge 2014  SatinCobra Tour Trusty Wedge 2014 Customize£79.95was £89.95quick find # G12697 OffersCobra Ladies Fly-Z HybridCobra Ladies Fly-Z Hybrid3 Colours£139.00quick find # G15168 OffersCobra Ladies Fly-Z XL HybridCobra Ladies Fly-Z XL Hybrid£119.00quick find # G14834