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Every good golfer will tell you that practice is an essential component in the quest to bring your handicap down. With the aid of golf practice nets and mats, you can put in the required hard work from the comfort of your own back garden.

Golf practice nets are lightweight, simple to assemble and easy to disband, making it quick to squeeze in an important training session. Nets designed to improve your chipping are available with multiple targets to hone your game, while larger cages provide a significant hitting zone perfect for iron and driving practice. Golf practice mats allow you to work on your shots without destroying your lawn. Their shock-absorbent technology gives you the feel of a well-groomed course while ensuring your club heads stay damage-free during practice sessions.

At GolfOnline we stock a wide variety of practice equipment to get you playing to a higher standard without ruining your back garden. Shop the entire range of practice nets and mats available now and take advantage of great deals and discounts offered throughout the year.
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