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Why should you purchase from an Approved or Authorised Internet Retailer?

1. You will receive genuine products as supplied by the manufacturer and your warranty will be valid within UK and EUROPE.
As with the increase in fake and counterfeit products in the market, warranty claims may not be valid if the product has been purchased from a non-authorised retailer.

2. We have extremely great relationships with our suppliers and we only buy direct from Manufacturers. This means you can be assured of receiving genuine products that are designed to perform for the UK and EUROPEAN markets.
The so-called 'gray market' products sold by non-approved retailers are usually imported and not intended to be sold in the UK. They will often differ in specifications and performance. This means you cannot be certain whether you're buying a genuine product, or it may not perform as designed.

3. 'Authorised Retailer' status is only given to those companies who offer top class customer service, have a fantastic track-record, and hold significant levels of stock to offer maximum choice. As golf products can be very technical in nature, strong understanding is often required when dealing with such equipment. Preferred/authorised retailers are better-equipped and geared-up for handling faults and returns, and sometimes even honour expired warranty claims.

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