To return a product, please first read though the following terms and conditions and then follow our returns online procedure.

Our Returns Policy

At GolfOnline we want to make sure that you have the best shopping experience possible from start to finish. If for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, follow our simple online returns procedure. We offer 30 day cooling off period from the date of first delivery attempt. This applies to all non-customised items purchased from 25th June 2020.

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Our Return Terms

Not satisfied with your purchase? We’re happy to offer you a refund within our 30-days cooling-off period. 

  • You have 30 days to ship any unwanted NEW items back to us after the first attempted delivery date by our courier.
  • Please take reasonable care of the item(s) while in your possession.
  • We kindly request that all item(s) be returned in their original and new condition so that we can restock and resell them.
  • If possible please do not break any seals or allow for any marks and/or damage to the original packaging.
  • Securely package your goods when returning them so there is no damage in transit.

Goods you Wish to Exchange

Did you buy the wrong size or want your item in a different colour? At GolfOnline we want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase. Just follow the quick process below to get your desired item shipped to you without delay.

To be sure you get exactly what you want, we ask that you send the original item back to us as a return for a refund (within our 30-days cooling-off period). Then please reorder the item you require. This straightforward approach will help you to avoid any out-of-stock issues as well as delays in shipping.

Be Aware: We do not HOLD or BOOK any item that has been requested as an exchange whilst your return is in transit. We therefore strongly recommend that you place the order and buy the item you wish to exchange for to avoid any frustration.

Goods Excluded from Returns

As a general rule, we do not offer refunds on the following items:

  • CDs and books
  • Items that have had logos or customisation added as part of the purchase
  • Base layers, under layers, underwear and socks
  • Individual items originally shipped in multi-packs
  • Any items which have been soiled or are deemed unhygienic

Conditions of Returns

We kindly request that returned item(s) be in original packaging with all tags still attached and in perfect condition (we really hope you like everything you buy from us but if something doesn’t suit you we’d love to sell it to someone else in the same condition you received it).
If possible returned item(s) should be packaged securely before sending to avoid any damage in transit.
All returns to GolfOnline will need a unique RMA reference number (We will give you this on approval of return request).

We will notify you regarding the method of your return as there are limitations for all couriers. 

Free Returns within Mainland UK (Shoes and Apparel only)

Free returns is only available on GOLF SHOES and CLOTHING/GARMENT items only - and this excludes gloves, socks, underwear, caps, hats, beanies, mittens, sun glasses, belts, watches and accessories.

For packages weighing below 3 kg and a maximum size of 610mm x 460mm, we will email you a returns label that you will need to print out and attach to the package. You will then need to take the package to your local Post Office Branch to be mailed back to us. Make sure to ask the Post Office for a receipt for the parcel. This receipt is proof of your return and also allows you to track the parcel until it is returned to us. ***Without this receipt we are unable to process any exchanges or refunds if your parcel goes missing***.

If you are unable to print this label, or if you are unable to take the parcel to your local post office, then please arrange return of the item(s) at your own cost. Unfortunately, in such cases we cannot offer a free return service, however you have the option to use our chargeable service. 
Please note that you DO NOT have to pay anything at the Post Office. This service is FREE for you as RoyalMail will charge us directly. 


Parcel returns services can be quite costly and in order for us to continue offering a FREE returns service we are forced to have certain restrictions and limitations. The limit set for size and weight per return is down to our agreement with RoyalMail and their parcel guidelines - so we cannot change this.  FREE RETURNS is intended for the benefit of the majority of our customers, so this means that we have had to put a hard limit on the number of items and/or returns are possible and qualify for FREE RETURNS.

FREE RETURNS Terms are as follows:

1. A maximum of 2 pairs of shoes, or a maximum 4 garments per order (in some cases we may allow a mix and match if parcel limits are maintained - please contact us if unsure)
2. A maximum of 6 items in total can be returned for free in any 28 day period
3. A maximum of 12 items in total can be returned for free in any given 365 days period
4. A Maximum of 1 FREE RETURNS LABEL can be issued PER ORDER

Please note we reserve the right to disallow or reject our FREE return's services for any reason. If you have any questions or require special assistance, please get in touch with us.


In certain cases when you are unable to return an item we could try and arrange a collection at a charge depending on size, volume and location. For more information about this service please contact us.

Goods being Returned from Outside the EU

Orders returned to us from outside the EU will have a customs charge applied when the goods re-enter the UK, unless you clearly state that the items are being shipped back to us for a refund or return.

Amazon and Ebay Returns

GolfOnline’s website cannot be used to return Amazon or Ebay orders. All orders placed on either Amazon or Ebay must be returned using the exact site they were originally purchased from.

Processing a Refund

Refunds on products can only be processed using the exact method you paid with. (e.g. Debit and Credit card purchases will be refunded to the same card, cash purchases made at GolfInstore will be refunded in cash).

Please note: We do not offer refunds on shipping costs and payment surcharges (e.g. PayPal and Amex). Refunds are automatically calculated for the value of the goods being returned less any discounts, freebies and surcharges.

Returning an Item that Came with a Free Gift

Items must be returned together in order to receive a refund (e.g. If you purchase a jacket that comes with free trousers, both items must be returned unused, for us to process the return).

You may not receive a refund or exchange if you withhold, or have used, the free item. We may issue a part refund if we are prepared to discount the value of the free item from the rest of the return (e.g. If you wish to return a £100 jacket that came with £40 trousers free but want to keep the trousers, we may be able to refund you £60, but only if the offer terms are not dictated by the manufacturer or any other conditions).

Returning an Item that is Part of a Discounted Multi-Buy Offer

Returns on multi-buy deals that offer discounts on one item when you buy another will be adjusted accordingly.

For example, if you purchase a jacket for £100 and then receive trousers that normally retail at £40 at a 50% discount, we will void the discount if you are only returning the jacket. Meaning a £20 adjustment will be added to your refund to bring the trousers back to full price.

Warranty Terms

In some cases, manufacturers extend the standard 12-month warranty. As a retailer, we will honour a manufacturer's terms in accordance with our role. Please look for details on individual items to see which products these terms apply to.

All products are 'Return to Base', meaning they must be shipped back to us (except Powakaddies and some other products where stated).

Returns on Faulty Goods

Goods faulty on arrival:

  • An item found to be faulty on arrival to you or within the first 30 days, please contact us immediately.
  • In most cases GolfOnline will arrange shipping back to our head office for inspection.
  • Items returned within 30 days of delivery will be subject to a full refund or store credit.
  • Faulty Items after 12 months will require you to send the item back to us at your cost and the item will be sent to manufacturer for inspection and a repair or replacement will sent back to you at our cost.
  • After verifying the fault, the item may be refunded, exchanged or will follow any unique procedures applicable to the item.
  • If an item is returned and discovered not to be faulty, you may no longer be eligible for a refund or a free return shipping. A reasonable delivery cost will have to be agreed, else you can collect from us.

Goods developing a fault in the first 12 months:

GolfOnline will honour all faulty-item claims under and/or subject to Manufacturers' Standard Warranty Terms. This means that each item will fall under a separate warranty policy set out, determined and managed entirely by the manufacturer of the product - and not GolfOnline. Our responsibility is to assist with the best and quickest resolution for the consumer.

Warranty terms and conditions for each product are normally stated on the manufacturers website, or on the product description and/or supplied with the product. Each product warranty states how long and what is covered, together with any other relevant information and terms of use, and how claims are treated. The normal period of warranty is 12 months for most products, unless specifically stated on the product page. The warranty is effective from the date of delivery or a maximum of 30 days from date of dispatch (whichever less).

Please note CUSTOM or PERSONALISED items that have developed a fault will not fall under the Standard Items Warranty Claims. Please contact us in such cases as special warranties have been set out and described under our general Terms and Conditions section as well as during the purchase process of such Custom/Personalised Items.

As all manufacturers have different conditions, protocols and procedures when dealing with Fault-claims, we have outlined our faulty-returns procedure below as a general guideline for the quickest and best resolution:

  • Please consider if the fault or defect has been generated through normal use as we are unable to accept a return of products damaged or faulty as a result of improper use.
  • To return a product that has developed a fault within the warranty period (i.e. normally 12 months or unless stated otherwise), please complete our Online Returns Procedures stated above for the quickest resolution. If you are unable to complete our online returns process please contact us.
  • Once you complete the Online Returns Procedure process or have given us all necessary information required for the fault investigation, we shall advise the next steps for the quickest turnaround.
  • In most cases the manufacturer will require the product back for the fault inspection, and determine the outcome in accordance with their warranty terms.
  • Manufacturers will repair or replace the faulty part, or may even exchange the item (at similar value) if it is found to be beyond economical repair.
  • If the fault is verified by the manufacturer a free return delivery will be arranged back to you.
  • If there is a manufacturer delay in completing the return, due to shortage of parts or further investigation needed, we will keep you regularly informed on the claim progress, and the warranty of that item will be automatically extended in the relative time.
  • Goods found to be non-faulty or not having a manufacturing-fault will have the warranty claim voided and the goods sent back in their current condition. Here, we may request a minimal shipping charge to cover the return cost back to you.

Please note: In the event when a product cannot be repaired or replaced, the manufacturer (in accordance to the manufacturers terms that are in-line with the consumer rights) - you will have a choice to opt-in for a replacement item offered by the manufacturer (of a similar value) - or we may offer you STORE CREDIT for value of the item. Unfortunately this is determined by the manufacturer and it's warranty terms. Only under certain special circumstances will we be able to offer a refund against faulty items when a resolution may not be reasonable or available.

All items that are claimed under warranty will from that point only carry the remaining period of warranty (i.e. from the date of original purchase). To avoid any doubt, any warranty claimed item (those exchanged, swapped, and/or purchased via Store Credit as an outcome of a warranty claim) - will only carry a warranty period of the remainder of it's original items warranty period. This means with an example: if an item with a 12 months warranty has been claimed, and replacement was offered, then this replacement will only carry over the balance of 9 months Warranty, and NOT a whole new 12 months of warranty.

Please contact us if you feel anything is unclear, or if you require more information.

Our Returns Procedure

As we stock 1000's of products, all with varying specifications and warranties, we ask that you obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This will help you track the status of your return AND will advise you of where to send the product. In some cases, you may be required to ship the item back to the manufacturer (directly), to reduce the number of days you are without your item.

Step 1: Login to your account

Log in to your account by clicking here. At the top of the screen, select 'My Account'. From My Account click on Online Returns to create a new request, or simply click the button below for a direct link.

Step 2: Select an Order / Product to Return

On the next screen, you must select the order which contains the product you wish to return. You may wish to search or filter an order or a product using our quick search and drop-down filters. Next select an order.

Step 3: Complete the Returns Form

On the next page, you will see all items from the selected order. Please fill in all the required details for each product you wish to return, and click Next.

Step 4: Return Approved and send goods back to us

Once our Returns department has reviewed and processed your request, they will mark each item as either approved or declined. An email will be sent to you regarding your returns status and comments.

If you receive an email stating one or more items have been approved, then you may send the items back to us to the address stated.

We recommend that you use a recorded form of delivery, with the following label format:

'Your RMA reference number'
Returns Dept.
Woodfield House
506-508 Honeypot Lane

PS: If you need a hand sourcing a company to ship the product back to us, please call us on 44 (0) 208 951 6080