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Cool new golf brands are rare these days but Surprizeshop has certainly bucked that trend. Surprizeshop was created back in 2009 due to the poor choice of golfing accessories available for ladies. What makes them really stand out from the rest is the uniqueness of the range produced by their in-house design team. 

Made by Women for Women everything manufactured by them boasts unbeatable quality - guaranteed across their entire range! There really is something for every female's taste, ranging from eccentric designs all the way to modern classics. They actively use the feedback from previous customers, improving their next collection to ensure the brand is always evolving. Surprizeshop also stocks well-known brands including Evertan Gloves and Pink Ribbon Golf.

About the brand

Surpizeshop sits within the company called Golf 2 Golf which has been around since 1997. Other brands within this umbrella company are Ladies Golf Apparel, Hot Hands Warmers, Grabber Survival Equipment and Daily Sports. Making them part of a long line of successful brands. 

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