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Pride Professional Tee System Golf Tees  PTSPride Professional Tee System Golf Tees PTS4 Colours£3.95quick find # G2199 Golf Plastic Castle Tees  20pkGolf Plastic Castle Tees 20pk6 Colours£1.50 - £1.75quick find # G766 Wooden Golf Tees 70mm  GolfOnline Logo - 20 PackWooden Golf Tees 70mm GolfOnline Logo - 20 Pack£1.00quick find # G8803 Golf Wooden Tees 69mm  40pkGolf Wooden Tees 69mm 40pk£1.36was £1.99quick find # G858 OffersTabata Golf Vitalshot Lift TeeTabata Golf Vitalshot Lift Tee5 Colours£3.95quick find # G1063 Golf Long Plastic Tees  40pkGolf Long Plastic Tees 40pk£1.50quick find # G764 Golf Wooden Castle Tees  20pkGolf Wooden Castle Tees 20pk3 Colours£1.03was £1.99quick find # G859 Offers4 Yards More Golf Tees4 Yards More Golf Tees4 Colours£4.50quick find # G4172 Bulk Golf Wooden Tees   1000 PiecesBulk Golf Wooden Tees 1000 Pieces£25.95quick find # G3442 Golfers Club Plastic Castle Graduated Tees  16 PackGolfers Club Plastic Castle Graduated Tees 16 Pack2 Colours£1.75quick find # G6853 Golf Short Plastic Tees  40pkGolf Short Plastic Tees 40pk£1.50quick find # G765 Golf Wooden Tees 83mm  20pkGolf Wooden Tees 83mm 20pk£1.75quick find # G1119 Brush-TBrush-T£4.03 - £5.06quick find # G1768 Neon Wooden Tees  40 PackNeon Wooden Tees 40 Pack£2.03quick find # G3933 Rubber Tees 3 Pack  Small-Medium-LargeRubber Tees 3 Pack Small-Medium-Large£3.95quick find # G1168 OffersCrown Tees 78mm  10 packCrown Tees 78mm 10 pack£2.55quick find # G2009 OffersPride Offset Plastic Tees  15 Blister PackPride Offset Plastic Tees 15 Blister Pack£4.95quick find # G5340 Champ Fly TeesChamp Fly Tees6 Colours£4.95quick find # G8448 Nudie Golf TeesNudie Golf Tees£5.95quick find # G6889 PGA Tour 24 Tour Booster TeesPGA Tour 24 Tour Booster Tees£4.95quick find # G2667 Tabata Golf Vitalshot Ultra Lift TeeTabata Golf Vitalshot Ultra Lift Tee2 Colours£5.95quick find # G4672 OffersSimpsons Wooden Tee & Pouch SetSimpsons Wooden Tee & Pouch Set£3.95was £9.95quick find # G4686 Jumbo Rubber Winter Tees  3 PackJumbo Rubber Winter Tees 3 Pack£3.95quick find # G1169 OffersSimpsons Wooden Golf TeesSimpsons Wooden Golf Tees£2.95quick find # G14784

Golf Tees

Despite being the most basic accessory in your golf bag, you won’t get very far in your game without the correct golf tees.

Based on where and what time of year you are playing, your golf tee needs will change. Castle tees ensure you are striking the ball at a consistent height each time, while booster golf tees reduce friction on the ball, helping you to hit further down the fairway.  Rubber tees are perfect for driving range mats and winter play, allowing you to tee off even if the ground is hard.

At GolfOnline we stock a great variety, including traditional wooden tees, plastic tees and brush tees. Offered in a range of colours and designs you’ll find the exact tees to suit your individual style.