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Bettinardi Golf is an American company dedicated to producing better quality putter and wedge designs that look good, feel good and sound good.  Developing the latest in groundbreaking technology to stay ahead of the golf-manufacturing curve.

In 1991 Robert Bettinardi bucked the status quo of the golf world, knowing he could do better.  By the following year the American, along with his elite team of engineers had completed a new and groundbreaking method of putter creation.  Utilising ONE PIECE TECHNOLOGY to produce a putter out of a singular block of steel.  Before this time putter heads were made in multiple pieces with the hosel then being welded to the body.  With ONE PIECE TECHNOLOGY, Bettinardi eliminated human error, forever changing the way a putter is made.     

Using their own state-of-the-art CNC milling machines and patented Honeycomb Face Milling Technique, Bettinardi were able to make their faces 200% flatter and eliminate the concave effect found on other manufacturer’s putters.  In 1999 Jesper Parnevik used the brand’s BB10 to set a new tournament record at the Greater Greensboro Open. 

By 2002 Bettinardi was ready to show they weren’t just about testing the boundaries of putter production when they proved it was also possible to mill a wedge out of a solid block of stainless steel.  Utilising an advanced 360-degree milling process with metal hand-selected for a softer feel, the brand also machined the patented Honeycomb Grooves to each face.

Over the years Bettinardi have used their superior knowledge and design skills to team up with some of the world’s biggest golf brands, including Ben Hogan Golf and Mizuno Golf.  Both of these partnerships proved highly successful for Bettinardi.  Producing original designs and concepts loved by Tour players and amateurs alike.

Today the brand continues to push the boundaries of innovation.  Their latest putter designs feature rainbow hues in the cavity to give off a unique finish that ensures no two putters are the same.  Effectively offering you a completely bespoke club!  

GolfOnline is proud to stock a comprehensive selection of Bettinardi clubs.  If for any reason you can’t find the product you’re looking for on our website, contact us and we can order directly from Bettinardi (subject to availability).

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