SKLZ are redefining the category of training aids. With Rick Smith on board they have developed a range of training aids that can help with all parts of your game, right the way through from Driving to putting. Visit our SKLZ training aids section to see the latest aids available to help you get your handicaps down.
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SKLZ Smart GlovesSKLZ Smart Gloves£18.95quick find # G5578SKLZ Launch PadSKLZ Launch Pad£27.95was £37.95quick find # G5319SKLZ Practice Pod Alignment ToolSKLZ Practice Pod Alignment Tool£12.95quick find # G5313SKLZ Spot LinerSKLZ Spot Liner£4.95quick find # G5316SKLZ Slice Eliminator Accuracy TrainerSKLZ Slice Eliminator Accuracy Trainer£29.95quick find # G5311SKLZ Smash Bag Accuracy TrainerSKLZ Smash Bag Accuracy Trainer£19.95quick find # G5312SKLZ Tempo Grip TrainerSKLZ Tempo Grip Trainer£19.95quick find # G5309SKLZ Putt PocketSKLZ Putt Pocket£6.99quick find # G5318SKLZ Power WedgeSKLZ Power Wedge£11.45quick find # G7071SKLZ Power SleeveSKLZ Power Sleeve£18.95quick find # G5307SKLZ Tempo TraySKLZ Tempo Tray£3.95quick find # G5317SKLZ Perfect PlaneSKLZ Perfect Plane£24.95quick find # G5315SKLZ Practice Net  7 FootSKLZ Practice Net 7 Foot£41.95was £49.95quick find # G5320SKLZ Fly Trap Chipping NetSKLZ Fly Trap Chipping Net£34.95was £44.95quick find # G5322SKLZ Gyro Swing TrainerSKLZ Gyro Swing Trainer£174.95quick find # G5310SKLZ Ladies Smart GlovesSKLZ Ladies Smart Gloves£19.95quick find # G5579SKLZ Pro Rods Alignment SetSKLZ Pro Rods Alignment Set£16.95quick find # G10216SKLZ 21 Inch Putting MirrorSKLZ 21 Inch Putting Mirror£32.95quick find # G10219SKLZ Ball First TrainerSKLZ Ball First Trainer£14.95quick find # G10217SKLZ 12 Inch Putting MirrorSKLZ 12 Inch Putting Mirror£23.95quick find # G10218SKLZ Swing Accelerator DriverSKLZ Swing Accelerator Driver£56.95quick find # G5306SKLZ Refiner PutterSKLZ Refiner Putter£59.95quick find # G5323SKLZ Glide PadSKLZ Glide Pad£74.95was £89.95quick find # G13637SKLZ ProStance Balance Training AidSKLZ ProStance Balance Training Aid£54.95quick find # G13638