Custom Fitting – The Process Instore

Whether it is a new Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, Irons or Wedges the process is virtually the same. We will explain the process of custom fitting from start to finish so that you understand exactly what takes place during this process.

Step - 1 : A few questions

An informal chat with you which helps us tailor clubs around what your body can do, rather than what the manufacturer would like you to do. Before you visit us, you may want to think about answering questions like:

What is your handicap?
What are the good and bad parts of your game, and what do you think is causing them?
What equipment are you using at the moment, and how old are the items?
Have you seen any golf equipment that you want to try?
Are there any restrictions in your swing stemming from your shoulders down to your toes?

Once we’ve gathered some basic answers, the fun begins!

Step - 2 : Your Game

If you are looking for a new Driver, we would ask that you bring your current club with you, and the same with the Irons (6 Iron). This way we can clearly show you a before and after, using our high-tech golf simulator to measure each key aspects of your swing.

During the custom fit, which is essentially a focused session on maximising your distance and accuracy, you will get to try the best equipment on the market, as authorised by the worlds most respected manufacturers, that all have official fitting carts at GolfInStore.  By dynamically adjusting your shafts, heads and grips, each shot should see you reach ahead that few extra yards.  As your preference and performance grows, you can choose which clubs you wish to keep refining.

Callaway OptiFit CartMizuno Swing DNATaylorMade SelectFit CartTitleist SureFit CartWilson Staff, Nike, Cobra, Cleveland Fitting

Step - 3 : Golf Simulator

Finally, we combine your preference of clubs with the scores your have generated on the simulator.  The clubs that we choose from this process, then need to be fine tuned one last time, to ensure we fully address the:

Length – Clubs that are the wrong length result in bad posture during you swing, which in turn can lead to poor positions and long term damage to both you and the club.
Lie Angle – The lie angle specifically is concerned with the point at which the sole of the club strikes the ground. Clubs are tailored to either be more upright, standard or flat, depending on which part of the club first hits the ground.  This also prevents impact resonance passing up through your arms just ahead of ball contact.
Grip Size – If the grip is too thin you will find that you hold it tighter in your hand, and find that your bad shots tend to be pulled. And if your grips are too thick you, will find that you can’t grip it tight enough and that your bad shots tend to be pushed.
Golf SimulatorGolf SimulatorGolf SimulatorGolf SimulatorGolf SimulatorGolf Simulator

Once these measurements are worked out, we will use our authorised carts to build your club of choice.  A few more swing on the launch monitor are required to fine tune the shaft flex, at which point the whole club works together, visibly increasing your performance immediately.
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