Ben Sayers M15 Red Package Set (Graphite)

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The Ben Sayers M15 Red graphite package has been designed as an alternative to steel / graphite package and will best suit beginners who have a slow to moderate golf swing, the graphite will be lighter to swing and you will get a little more distance out of the set compared to the other.

This is what Ben Sayers do best...Make golf clubs that are inexpensive with quality craftsmanship that are suited to beginner / game improver golfers who want and need the maximum accuracy control as well as a little help getting that ball in the air.

The Ben Sayers M15 Red graphite package has every single club that you will need to start to play this wonderful game but more importantly you will have a set that help you enjoy learning and help you progress at a steady rate. The Ben Sayers M15 Red graphite package set comprises of the following:

Driver / Fairways - 460cc oversized Titanium matrix driver and matching woods with graphite shafts that have been designed to be aerodynamic to reduce drag and help you create a more repeatable swing. The heads of these clubs also feature a tactical flight channel and lower centre of gravity to increase the stability of the head to increase forgiveness and accuracy on mishits.

Hybrid - Has been designed with cutting edge technology to replace hard to hit consistent long irons for better distance, flight and accuracy. A lower centre of gravity and offset head design make the hybrid so much easier to get airborne and reduce slice spin put on the golf ball for much better accuracy.

Irons - The stainless steel head on the Ben Sayers irons provides durability and the iron head features a deep undercut cavity to provide you with the game improvement forgiveness that beginners need throughout the whole set. A wider sole and top line will inspire confidence at address and increase and the technology will help you lower your scores quickly.

The shafts on this set of Ben Sayers M15 irons are all graphite and would be best suited to golfers who have a slow to moderate swing speed and need help with getting a little more distance.

Putter - Is a traditional style putter that features a soft polymer insert for a soft responsive feel off of the face for better distance control. The head of the putter also features an alignment aid on the top of the putter that will help train you to use a more consistent stance for better results.

You get to choose what kind of bag that you have with the Ben Sayers M15 Red package set. If you are looking to carry the golf bag the majority then go with the stand bag, on the odd occasion that you use a trolley or golf cart the stand bag will sit securely on the golf bag otherwise go with the cart bag if you are going to use a trolley all the time.

Each set comes with matching headcovers so even if the golf is a little bit hit and miss to start at least you will look the part.
Set includes:

1 x Driver (Includes Headcover)
1 x 3 Wood (Includes Headcover)
1 x 5 Wood (Includes Headcover)
1 x Hybrid (Includes Headcover)
7 x Graphite Irons 5-SW Set
1 x Putter
1 x Golf Bag

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