US Kids UltraLight Jekyll Putter

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The US Kids Ultralight Jekyll Putter features a polymer insert on the face to enhance distance, accuracy and control.

The traditional heel and toe weighting provides extreme stability to the head throughout the stroke and at impact for improved stroke consistency.

Product Features
  • Heel-toe balanced
  • Polymer insert 
  • Straight steel shaft with offset
  • Colored rubber grip
  • Ideal for all types of greens

Height Range
Swing Speed 
39" Player (WT-30u)
3-5 years old 20.0" finished club length
42" Player (WT-25u)
4-6 years old 21.5" finished club length
45" Player (WT-25u)
5-7 years old 23.0" finished club length
48" Player (WT-20u)
6-8 years old 24.5" finished club length
51" Player (WT-20u)
7-9 years old 26.0" finished club length
Up to 53 mph
54" Player (WT-15u)
8-10 years old 27.5" finished club length
Up to 58 mph
57" Player (WT-15u)
9-11 years old 29.0" finished club length
Up to 63 mph
60" Player (WT-10u)
10-12 years old 30.5" finished club length
Up to 68 mph
63" Player (WT-10u)
11-13 years old 32.0" finished club length
Up to 73 mph

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