MacGregor M59 Satin Chrome Wedge

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Product Details

MacGregor M59 Tour quality Wedges combine a classic look and shape with superior spin control and soft feel. Made from soft carbon steel, the wedges tightly compacted grain structure results in a beautiful feel and tremendous consistency. Precision milled face grooves maximises surface roughness, spin and durability whilst offering extreme control.

The club head features a tighter heel-toe radius that provides increased versatility around the green. The True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft delivers an optimum balance between torque and flex resulting in a better feel and greater accuracy. The Lamkin golf grip offers a recognisable surface pattern and unmistakable performance. The proprietary rubber compound adds tackiness and durability, while the distinctive surface pattern increases hand traction and reduces torque, making the ultimate performance grip.

  • True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel Shaft
  • Lamkin/MacGregor Grip
  • Curved Face Technology
  • Satin Chrome / Gunmetal Finish


Club Loft Lie Swing
Length Grip Shaft
MRH Wedge 52 64 D2 35.50" Lamkin True Temper Dynamic Gold
MRH Wedge 56 64 D2 35.25" Lamkin True Temper Dynamic Gold
MRH Wedge 60 64 D2 35" Lamkin True Temper Dynamic Gold