Nike Mojo Golf Balls (24 Balls)

Your Mojo for 2011 Golfing Season

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Extremely Long Ball
The Nike Mojo is especially good for golfers who take their game seriously but still like to have fun. The Mojo ball has a powerful core and a soft, feel-good cover. Whack it with a big headed driver and hear it bark. Give it the long iron and watch it soar. Slow it down around the fringe and Mojo will purr like a kitten. Whatever you want, it does! 

  • Minimal compression
  • Maximum action
  • Flies off the driver
  • Sticks to the wedge
  • Cover delivers a crisp look with a soft touch
  • Aero-efficient dimples pack a wallop of lift and turbulence
  • Conforms with USGA and R&A rules

Live and play the Mojo game. Hit it where it sits. Count every stroke. No bumpss, No fluffs. Smash your drives, Ride the wind. Join us if you believe like we do. FLAME ON!!

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Nike Mojo Golf Balls (24 Balls)

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I have used these balls for a month now, and they feel great! Feels great when smashing with driver, and still gives good amount of spin when using a wedge. Totally worth their price, 5/5.