Nike VR Pro X3X Satin Chrome Wedge 2012

High Frequency Groove

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Product Details

This New Satin Chrome Wedge features X3X high-frequency grooves for consistent ball flight. Material used is tried and true S20C forged iron for shot-making consistency. Also available in Black Oxide.

Predictable Flight & Control
More grooves, closer together and deeper, ensure maximum flight control and shot-to-shot consistency, while conforming to new USGA and R&A Rules.

Precision Craftmanship
Precision forging eliminates most handwork and ensures consistency throughout the set,

Tour proven Feel and Look
Tried and true S20c forged irons is the premier material used by Nike Golf's Tour Staff. The VR Pro forged wegdes will be offered in two different finishes, Satin Chrome and Brush Oxide Raw.

Shaft Option
True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel Shaft.


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