Nike VR_S Forged Irons (Steel Shaft)

How Speed Should Feel

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Nike VR_S Str8-Fit Driver

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Product Details

Our most technically advanced forged irons combine high-speed performance and meticulous craftsmanship for longershots and better feel. Our highest COR face in a forged iron, and a design that moves weight off the face, combined tooptimize launch for higher, straighter shots and maximum carry. It’s the iron that puts speed at a premium.

Iron Overview:

  • Forgiving face allows for the delivery of greater ball speed across the face resulting in greater distance and forgiveness on off centre hits.
  • Japanese precision SAE 8655forged steel face is the thinnest and hottest iron face for ultimate distance and feel.
  • High performance Nippon 950 shaft generates more swing speed by promoting maximum energy transfer during the swing.
  • High frequency X3X grooves create more consistent spin in any condition for maximum feel and control on approach shots
  • Powerbow technology produces faster, higher launch for a maximum carry with straighter ball flight and steeper descent to hold the greens and give golfers maximum control.

Iron Specifications:

Specifications Hand Length Lie Angle Bounce (degree) Offset Head Weight Swing Weight
#3 RH 20.0" 39 2.00 0.200" 243.0g C9-D1
#4 RH 22.0" 38.5 2.00 0.90" 249.5g C9-D2
#5 RH 25.0" 38 3.00 0.180" 256.0g C9-D3
#6 RH 28.0" 37.5 4.00 0.170" 262.0g C9-D4
#7 RH 31.0" 37 4.00 0.160" 268.5g C9-D5
#8 RH 35.0" 36.5 5.00 0.140" 275.0g C9-D6
#9 RH 40.0" 36 6.00 0.120" 281.5g C9-D7
PW RH 45.0" 35.75 7.00 0.100" 286.0g C9-D8
AW RH 51.0" 35.5 8.00 0.100" 291.0g C9-D9
SW RH 56.0" 35.25 9.00 0.080" 300.0g D1-D