Nike Show-X2 Sunglasses

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Nike have designed the Show X2 Sunglasses so that they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time and be versatile for any given sport.

The frames on the Nike Mens Show X2 Sunglasses are made from a lightweight durable thermoplastic that will feel comfortable and give you a perfect fit when wearing for long periods of time. To give that customised feel Nike have given the Show X2 Sunglasses many features that include a rubber grip texture on the temples that maximises stability, adjustable temples that give you extra, an 8 base frame that gives your eyes maximum coverage and an adjustable nose bridge that will improve comfort and reduce fogging.

Thats enough about the frames the lenses are probably the most important thing in a sports sunglass. The Nike Mens Show X2 Sunglass lenses are made to be durable, lightweight, scratch-resistant and will protect you 100% from harmful UV rays. The Nike Max Optic lenses also give you a substantially larger average field of view which can be helpful when wearing the Nike Show X2 glasses whilst doing whichever is your sport of choice.

Another nice touch about the Nike Show X2 Sunglasses is that the lenses are interchangeable, so depending on the light you are wearing the glasses you can alternate the lenses to get the best performance from the lense. You get the orange blaze which is better suited for lighter conditions or the all purpose grey lenses. The grey lenses offer a truer colour perception without any contrast enhancement.

If you are looking for a durable, versatile, lightweight sunglass that you can alternate the lenses on then in our opinion the Nike Mens Show X2 Sunglasses will exceed your expectations massively.

Product Features
  • Interchangeable Lenses
  • Adjustable, ventilated rubber nose bridge
  • 8 Base sport wrap frame design 
  • Rubber grip texture
  • Adjustable secure-wrap temples
  • Optical clip
  • Includes large case