Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls (12 Balls) 2012

Soft Feel 2-piece

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Product Details

The all new Srixon Soft Feel 2-piece has been re-engineered with a new core formulation and new aerodynamics to give you Srixon’s softest, longest distance ball yet. The newly developed 328 dimple pattern features greater surface area coverage which produces a higher lift force coefficient while reducing the normally accompanying high speed drag. For a strong and penetrating trajectory. The all new Energetic Gradient Growth core of the new Soft Feel 2-piece is more resilient than ever before allowing players of all swing speeds to gain valuable initial velocity. Yet despite its greater resilience, the new Soft Feel 2-piece maintains the smallest impact force of any of the competition. And the smaller the impact force, the softer and more responsive the feel. The unique “Hit Straight” alignment aid will give golfers, who typically use logos to align their putts, a clear and unmistakable aiming point to confidently point towards their target.

Tremendous soft feel for all shots tee to green.
Exceptional driver distance with good approach iron spin.
Optimum performance for a wide range of golfers including those with low swing speeds.