Srixon Trispeed Golf Balls (12 Balls) 2013

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This latest release of the 3 piece Srixon Trispeed golf ball new for 2013 now features our Pure White™ cover to give added visual performance. This premium distance golf ball has a slightly harder cover than previous models to deliver higher launch angles and lower spin – giving even greater distance with Driver and Iron shots.

The Srixon Trispeed golf ball is designed for golfers of all abilities seeking extreme distance and very soft feel. It is ideal for golfers with a swing speed of 80mph or more.

The construction combines a soft mid layer with a large and highly resilient Energetic Gradient Growth™ core, to produce a high launch angle with low spin, that results in extreme distance and great feel with every club.

The larger core of the Srixon Trispeed Pure White golf ball coupled with the 324 dimple design promotes a penetrating ball trajectory for enhanced distance and great performance in windy conditions.

3 Piece Construction

1. Cover Design
Pure White™ visual performance
Highly resilient, yet thin ionomer cover
Excellent durability

2. Soft Mid-Layer
Rabalon® HR+ blended highly resilient, yet soft mid-layer. Superior soft feel

3. Core
Resilient, yet soft Energetic Gradient Growth™ core to produce a high launch angle with low spin
Extreme distance and great feel with every club

4. Dimple Design
324 dimple pattern promotes a penetrating ball trajectory
Unyielding to wind conditions.


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Srixon Trispeed Golf Balls

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Srixon Trispeed Golf balls offer increadible feel on my long game. A ball that I have used for three years now and not looked back.

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