TaylorMade TR3 True Path

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The True Path putting trainer was designed after years of studying the putting strokes of Tour players, top PGA club professionals as well as top amateurs. The TaylorMade putting lab data of thousands of strokes was analyzed to determine common faults and the best techniques of some of the best players in the world. Face angle and putter path are both important in successful putting. The best putters have a path that is no more than 2 degrees outside or inside the line. The most common successful putting paths are 1) straight back/straight through and 2)an arc from inside to square to inside Most scratch and Tour players have an arced path identical to the arced path provided in the TR3 True Path.

  • Consistency in putting stroke path
  • Instant putter face alignment feedback
  • Improved muscle memory for proper putting stroke path
  • Improved putting tempo
  • Visual and audible feedback on putting path flaws

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