Theragun by Therabody: Fitness devices to reinvent massage |GolfOnline

Theragun by Therabody: Fitness devices to reinvent massage |GolfOnline

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In 2009, Dr. Jason Wersland was searching for a way to help with his pain after suffering a traumatic motorcycle accident. Using his chiropractic expertise, Wersland set out to create a makeshift tool that would help patients take charge of their daily wellness, and the Theragun was born.


Over the past decade, Theragun has used patient feedback and Wersland’s knowledge to develop tools that offer effective natural solutions to everyone. Today, the company works alongside some of the world’s top physical therapists, trainers, engineers and scientists to ensure their products reflect the latest innovations.


The Theragun Percussion Therapy is massage reinvented, specifically tailored to help increase blood flow and decrease tension deep within the muscle. From NFL teams to Nascar drivers, Theragun has built trust in their products through education and a willingness to learn.


At GolfOnline we are pleased to stock Theragun by Therabody products. Shop the entire range available now and find out more about the incredible tools that are making wellness more accessible. If for any reason you are unable to find the Theragun by Therabody product you’re looking for on our website, contact a member of the GolfOnline team who will be able to assist you further.    

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