Titleist NXT Tour Balls (12 Balls) Logo Overrun

Brand New Balls at a Bargain Price

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Product Details

What are logo overrun balls?

Logo overrun balls are the exact same ball as the normal retail version, but they have additional branding, such as the logo of a corporate company. This additional logo will have been paid for by the corporate company as part of a personalised order. It is available to you at a heavily discounted rate, as there may have been too many balls in the original order, or a slight colour discrepancy on the additional logo, meaning the ball was not accepted for aesthetic reasons.

These are great performance balls, only available occasionally. The top five reasons golfers love to buy these balls are:
  1. The personalised logo makes a great ball marker
  2. The items are boxed as new
  3. The balls are competition approved
  4. Recognisable performance balls
  5. A massive discount on full retail price

*Note that the boxes may differ to the actual model of the ball and balls do not come in individual sleeves.

Experience Next Generation Performance

The New Titleist NXT® Tour golf ball represents the Next Generation of Performance for golfers seeking long distance with the driver and long irons, yet who also demand consistent shot stopping short game control.

Longer Distance with Consistent Shot Stopping Short Game Control
Longer, Straight and Consistent Distance, Shot Stopping Short Game Spin and Control, Soft Feel on All Shots, Outstanding Durability.