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Yes Golf Mens Tiffany Putter

Unique head shape

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Yes Golf Mens Tiffany Putter

Yes! Golf Tiffany Putter
When a regular putter face impacts a golf ball it results in loft causing skidding, side- and even back-spinning before the ball can begin rolling forward on the green, this can't be seen by the naked eye, but C-Grooves ‘lift’ the back of the ball to start it rolling forward.By gripping the back of the ball and lifting it forward on impact, the C-Grooves of a Yes putter create almost instant stabilization, causing the ball to roll forward much sooner than any other putter. Early roll means less deflection and a straighter line.

The C-Groove Tiffany Model is a sight aligned putter with unique lines and head shape allowing the user to maximize their ability to line up a putt.

  • Available lengths 32” – 37”
  • 2.5 standard loft
  • 72 lie angle (2 degrees flat or 2 degrees upright also available)
  • 350 gram head weight
  • Available in center shafted & heel shafted models
  • 304 Soft Stainless Steel Head
  • Sight aligned
  • Face balanced
  • Titanium Carbon finish
  • Custom fitted head cover
  • Available in right and left hand
  • Available in Pink models (Ladies)
  • Features Yes! Tri Colour (Black/White/Yellow) Putter Grip manufactured by Winn

Customer Reviews Write a review Overall 5 out of 5 (2 reviews)

Review Summary

Overall 5 out of 5 (2 reviews) : 5 Stars

Yes Golf Mens Tiffany Putter

By on
Overall (5 out of 5 stars): 5 Stars

A great putter that installs confidence in short and long putts, I bent the shaft on mine so waiting to send it off to Yes! to get repaired but I picked up the Callie and love that just as much.

Yes Golf Mens Tiffany Putter

By on
Overall (5 out of 5 stars): 5 Stars

I love this putter, easy to aim with and the ball rolls perfectly on c-grooves. I had the Odyssey 2-ball before but this is so very comfortable. Yeees!!!!

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