Zero Friction Performance Tees (2-3/4 Inch - 50 Pack)

Biodegradable Tees

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Zero Friction Performance Tees
With 26 Tour Victories, 160 top 10 finishes it is the no. 1 performance golf tee on the PGA Tour.

With their patented 3-prong design, Zero Friction Biodegradable Tees provide less contact area between the ball and cup producing longer, straighter drives. Their reduced spin rate fights dispersion and keeps the ball on line and in the fairway. Zero Friction Tees are hands down one of the hottest products in golf today. Countless numbers of PGA Tour Players are using Zero Friction Golf Tees on a weekly basis. The Remax World Long Drive Championship was full of Zero Friction Golf Tee users including Sean "The Beast" Fister, the reigning and 3 time world champion. There isn't a hotter product on the PGA Tour either. Since claiming a victory and a runner up finish the first week Zero Friction Tees were on the PGA Tour, the product has taken on a life of it's own.