With global golf brands steadily increasing equipment costs to pay higher and higher Tour Player Sponsorships, a gap in the middle market had opened. In 1997, Ben Ross CEO, Jon Everitt saw the potential for a mid-market brand which used top quality components and manufacturers like the best within the golf industry, to deliver an excellent product to the end consumer. Having no desire to laden the company with high tour player sponsorship fees, he believed the average consumer didn't even want to pay extra for their equipment just to make the mega rich tour golfers even more wealthy. So after some careful research and sourcing he decided it was possible to bring a high spec, technology ridden end product to market for considerably less than many of the major global golf companies.

To this day the company's philosophy has not changed, with their ultimate goal still being the delivery of outstanding quality products, using the best components available at an affordable price to all. Thus enabling golfers to maximise performance without funding Tour Player sponsorship fees!
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