Benross Mens XTEX Baselayer Top (Long Sleeve)

High Performance compression garment

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Product Details

X-Tex Underlayer

  • Hi-tech Performance
  • Compression garment
  • Moisture wicking
  • Breathable
  • Keeps the body cool & dry
  • Additional muscle support
  • Reduced seam construction for extra comfort

X-Tex Underlayer works by compressing the bodies muscles during a round or practice session, making the heart work harder to pump extra blood to the muscles being exercised. Meaning the muscles are filled with additional blood which has been proven to help reduce the amount sustained during exercise.This means after a round, range or workout session you will feel fresher with less damaged muscles, but also the usual aches & pains brought on  by exercise will also recover more quickly. The garments integrated management system enables the body to breathe. By wicking moisture away from the skin to the outside atmosphere, the wearer is left comfortable & dry no matter what the playing condition. The garments anti-microbial treatment also means lingering odours are a thing of the past, even in extreme conditions, ensuring your on going freshness & comfort.