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The Bolle brand is synonymous with excellence and style in the world of performance eyewear. The company, which began its life over 100 years ago as a manufacturer of combs and hair ornaments has been producing sunglasses and goggles for sports since the 1960s.

Comfort, durability and a keen interest in science have always remained at the forefront of the Bolle design strategy. Key components that have helped shape the brand into the global powerhouse it is today. Creating advanced styles for golf, tennis, snow and marine sports, as well as everyday fashions, Bolle has continued to push the boundaries of modern eyewear technology.

Their golf sunglass designs are a prime example of Bolle’s quest to better the performance of their wearers. Producing innovative lens that not only help to improve a player’s hand-eye coordination but also ensure the greens show up clearer, as seen with the brand’s Photo V3 lenses.

GolfOnline is a proud stockist of Bolle Golf Sunglasses. Offering amazing looks for golfers of all ages. If for any reason you are unable to find the exact product you are looking for on our website, contact us and we can order directly from Bolle (subject to availability).

Meta Title: Bolle Golf Sunglasses:Light, Durable, Chic Eyewear Designs –GolfOnline

Meta Description: The ultimate in advanced sports eyewear, Bolle golf sunglasses offer comfort/durability/clearer vision, promoting better on-course hand-eye coordination.

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