Why you should follow The Challenge Tour

Why you should follow The Challenge Tour

The Challenge Tour is the undiscovered gem of golfing tours. While it doesn’t receive as much attention as it’s established big brother the European Tour, the Challenge Tour is a golf tour all golf fans should turn their attention towards. It is played on some of the coolest courses you have never heard off, has produced some great players and is one of the best ways to see the next generation of golfing stars.

The Challenge Tour is particularly excellent if you love to combine golf with travel. Few other sporting events can boast venues as diverse as Turkey, Slovakia, Kenya and Kazakhstan and you could do a lot worse than planning your holidays around the Challenge Tour schedule. This guide gives you an idea of some the more interesting places visited by the Challenge Tour and what to look out for while you’re there. It also takes you through some of the hot shots currently on the tour as well as looking at major winners who graduated through its ranks.

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