Champ Stinger Spikes
Disclaimer: Images are provided by the manufacturer and actual colours may appear quite different on product.
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Disclaimer: Images are provided by the manufacturer and actual colours may appear quite different on product.

Champ Stinger Spikes

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Champ Spikes
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Champ Spike Fastening System

  • Unsurpassed Comfort
  • Unparalled Traction
  • Innovative Wear Indicator
  • Easy Replacement
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Most Durable
  • Green Friendly

The Q-LOK System Fitting System - 18 spikes

The CHAMP Q-Lok System eliminates the traditional threaded system for fastening spikes to shoes. Q-LOK incorporates a patented design based on two interlocking triangles – a female receptacle in the shoe sole and a male fitment on the spike. The Q-LOK receptacles are non-rusting and can withstand the maximum torque to keep your spikes locked into your shoe. Some brands with the CHAMP Q-LOK System are Dexter, Ecco, Hi-Tec, New Blance, Nike, Ogio, Puma and Walter Genuin.


The Tri-LOK System Fitting System - 16 spikes

The CHAMP Tri-LOK System is a patented system that incorporates a female receptacle in the shoe sole and a male fitment on the spike, which is equipped with three threads and our patented one-piece locking ring. The ring keeps dirt and debris out of the shoe’s receptacle, which protects the receptacle and makes spike changing a snap. Some brands with the CHAMP Tri-Lok System are FootJoy, Nike and asics. Spikes with the Tri-LOK fastener fit shoes equipped with the Fast Twist spike systems such as adidas and Callaway.They will not fit the NEW SLIM-LOCK fitting system.


The Small Thread Fitting System (6mm) - 22 spikes

The Small Thread makes it easy to insert and remove spikes, and reduces the occurrence of lost spikes. The metal contact provides a secure attachment between the shoe and the golf spike, and makes for easy removal of worn spikes. Standard small thread replacement spikes accommodate a wide variety of golf shoe brands.


The Large Plastic Thread (9mm) - 20 spikes

The large plastic thread replacement spikes are compatible with several shoe brands, including Foot-Joy Shoes that require a large plastic thread spike are fitted with plastic receptacles. Beneath the durable spike exterior is a steel core that provides a firm grip for replacement tools The patented steel core means that even spikes that have worn down are easy to remove.


The SLIM-Lok System Fitting System - 18 spikes

SLIM-Lok, an advanced revolutionary fastening system that is incredibly thin and light. It incorporates a patented built in locking ring providing the best low profile spike retention in the industry. It virtually eliminates spikes from falling out of the shoes. Spike installation is a breeze with our reinforced wrench holes. The spike is guided into proper engagement by our three “easy start” threads. Insert the spike into the receptacle by hand until you feel and hear one click. Then use any standard two pin golf wrench and turn to the right until you get two clicks. The spike is now secure and you are ready to go play. SLIM-Lok System spikes will fit all TRI-LOK® and Fast Twist® System equipped shoes. That’s technology made simple by the global spike experts, CHAMP.


CHAMP Stinger - Fast Twist 3.0

  • Compatible with Fast Twist, Slim-LOK and Tour Lock inserts
  • Non - clogging
  • Soft durometer TPU
  • Superior comfort and durability
  • C visible wear indicator
  • Green friendly design minimises marks on the green
  • Wrench holes formed in rigid material
  • Spring-flex traction for optimum grip
  • 18 per pack

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