Chip-Click - Chipping without Clicking

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Chip Click Golf Aid
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Chip-Click™ - Chipping without Clicking

A common problem in mastering the art of a good golf chip is the tendency to bend one’s left wrist at point of impact in the misguided thought that this will put loft on the ball. In reality, this approach often leads to a topped-ball where the result is that the ball shoots low over the green and disappears off the fringe at the other side.

Teaching pro’s often say that this is one of the most difficult ‘bad-habits’ to change for the beginning golfer (and some others who have been playing a while!)

Chip-Click™, a new practice aid from Matee Golf Company changes all that.

Chip-Click™ is a simple 'leading-wrist' support, with audible feedback when the wrist bends. It discourages wrist bending by providing a resistance at the back of the hand and, if the wearer ignores that resistance, will ‘click’ loud enough to remind them that they are getting it wrong.

Simple solution to a serious problem.

Chip-Click™ promotes a correct wrist alignment and encourages a smooth shoulder turn on the follow through. It is comfortable to wear and has an adjustable strap which provides a one-size-fits-all solution.

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