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Daphnes Golf Accessories

In the golf industry, few manufacturers specialise in a single piece of equipment, accessory or apparel since covering all the bases is the norm. But this is not so for Daphnes, a company that specialises in a single golf accessory, namely, headcovers.

Headcovers are essential investments for golfers who want to get the best value for their money where their clubs are concerned.

Headcovers are obviously the covers used to protect golf clubs from damage, such as scrapes, nicks and dents. Keep in mind that golf clubs are the most expensive investments in a golfer’s arsenal, therefore, protecting them from accidental damage is a must. Besides, golf clubs are critical to overall performance so the better their condition, the better for the golfer.

Daphnes golf accessories are not your usual headcovers in standard shapes, sizes and colours. Choices include headcovers for every type of golf club from drivers, fairways and woods to putters, irons and oversized drivers. Many of these headcovers come in a one-size-fits-all design, which means these can be used on virtually all brands of golf clubs.

The headcovers also come in a wide range of designs. Every golfer will find one or two designs that will suit his or her fancy from the whimsical to the magical. Choices include barnyard animals, wildlife, birds, cats, dogs, plants, sea animals and many more.

Buy Daphnes golf accessories now and personalise your golf bag! You can make your fellow golfers’ smile with your choice of funny, yet practical headcovers that will make your day, too.

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